Unfolding New Chapters

10:58 AM


Last day in the Philippines.. I'm partly thankful for the watery eyes and runny nose due to a series of late night gimmicks and what-not.. It had been an excuse after touching exchange of conversations and text messages from some important people..

Leaving Manila.. almost didnt got through Philippines' immigration officer kasi i left my flight itinerary at the travel tax booth.. PH greeted me goodbye well with a perfect weather.. partly cloudy, partly sunny.. in the plane i saw a rainbow.. the kid in me got amazed once again coz its the closest i ever got near a rainbow.. and it seems as if the plane passed through the rainbows.. like a gate.. or an arch..

First night in SG.. weird.. funny.. it feels so funny feeling like a tourist, feeling like im new in this, and new in the country.. feeling weird about words written in malay and chinese, about right hand drive with uncle on the passenger seat, about being in a new home, about seeing Laurice at home haha, about being interviewed at the dinner table, about not knowing where to place my clothes, my shoes, how to operate things and gadgets.. cute! :)

But apart from that, i feel glad overall.. mixed emotions talaga :)

The only worst thing about tonight is that I couldn't enjoy much bonding with my housemates because i have a cold, a slight fever, and a terrible ear clog.. i could hardly hear.. thanks to Ate Roms' Hot Honey Lemon and Vishnu's Tiger Balm Steam haha.. althought it calmed my nerves and it made me feel well, hindi pa rin nawala ung ear block..

Pardon me for the lack ooops or absence of photos haha.. I'll take photos every single day na for the upcoming days..

It feels so good to be back! Feeling Positive and Enjoying the Moment! Everything's gonna be Fine :) I am grateful for everything that i've learned and experienced in the previous chapters and i am thankful for the present and things that are yet to come..

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