You are Worth It

10:03 AM

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

read this from a friend's FB wall earlier.. and i can't help but agree so much.. most of the time i feel like this is my purpose in life.. make people feel that they are worth it, they are loved and make them feel important.. i dont hold back on giving myself especially to the people i love.. im not sure though whether i fulfill this purpose but i just hope they get to feel that way..

naisip ko kanina.. who are the people kaya in my life who would say "ah rui/aiz yah she had a way of making me feel loved/important"

at the same time.. i remembered someone who made me feel just that..

"i met you when i was a wounded soul.. you may not be aware.. hindi ka man nageffort.. but you being there for me constantly, making me smile, giving me attention, was like magic, healed the wounded heart in me.. thanks so much! i can't help but feel we fulfilled this quote to each other.. kasi prang sinadyang maging complicated ung mga bagay sa paligid.. and i can't help but feel that God made us meet each other for genuine friendship, and its like ive met my soulmate in you.."

i remember someone asked me.. "bakit healed and happy ka na? kase feeling mo may mgmamahal pa ulit sayo dhil sa attention na binibigay nya?" and i just smiled coz its true.. that's exactly what happened.. YOU MADE ME FEEL WORTH IT..

oh and ill be there for you just the same.. i was touched too coz its rare for guy friends to cry in front of me.. whatever wounds or sadness you feel, id want to be there for you just the same.. hugs! 

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