Diva in Action: thePlumpinay.com's She puts the UMP in PLUMP (#9)

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Yey!! I'd be a hypocrite if I won't admit this.. but I really hoped they would feature me.. but I wasn't expecting much as well since they are also qualifying deserving people to get featured in their plump girls of the week... See the rest of the post here >> She puts the UMP in PLUMP (#9)

Weekly, they are featuring real-life plus-size women.. of all ages.. all style.. from anywhere in the world.. but of course, she has to be a Pinay.. Looking forward to see and meet other plus-size women who has a great sense of fashion and who can inspire me to go lengths despite the size.

Anyways, I'm so glad I got chosen. Not because of fame. Not because I'll have something to boast. But because I really want to inspire other plus-size girls. I know you often hear or read me say that.. But if I have a vision, I want plus-size girls like me to be able to:

  • wear stylish clothes and not be limited to baggy clothes or dark hues
  • feel confident because they look amazing in those high heels, or short skirt, or lovely dress
  • feel pretty because they can accessorize, wear pastel colors
  • feel like they can take on the world because people appreciate not only the beauty they have from within, but because the glances they receive from people are glances of admiration
  • sing, dance, perform in front of everyone without fear they get ridiculed
  • go to the gym not because they want to drop their size to 0 or 2.. but because they just want to be able to do ac
  • take a photograph and smile their best and not get worried about how flabby those arms would look, how that belly will show
  • inspire other plus-size girls to do the same

Growing up, especially in my teens, I was never bullied, but I've had experiences of some people who talked behind my back, gossip about other things, but mostly because my sense of fashion doesn't fit theirs. The most I heard was "parang suman ang taba taba naman" and so, I dressed mature for my age, I wore body-hugging clothes, I wore a little lower necklines. Not that I was trying too hard to dress like a lady, but I thought then, it looked good on me, and so that's what I wore. 

Back then, my initial reaction was to fit in, I got affected about their negative backstabbing, I dressed very manang, in conforme to what a regular teenage girl would wear, a bit loose blouse, no accessories, a bit loose pants. I realized I'm going the wrong way when my brothers noticed I've been recently fond of wearing safe outfits whenever I go to school and whenever I go out on my own and they almost thought I'd be a nun. I remember my brother telling me "Wag kang gumaya sa iba. Magpakaiba ka ndi ung sumasabay ka lang sa kung anong ayos nila." (Don't be like others. Be different and make your self stand out and not just look like the rest of them). He would always tell me that but it didnt matter then. I'm a natural people pleaser, I never want people to look down on me, I don't want them to hate me.

 I think it was only during those Glee Club days in Siena College Taytay (around 3rd yr high school) when my outlook changed, found my confidence back, and never went back to thinking about what others say. I developed my singing hobby and talent. Met other girls with the same passion. Also, it was during these times when I became more true to myself, and able to meet and bond more with my true friends and they're still my friends up to now : )

Looking back now at old pictures, I'm thinking, I may have worn poor clothing choices, for sure there were days, but still, most of the ones I'm wearing on the old photos looked good on me, and the really bad ones? are those times when I was trying so hard being safe and blending with others.

Well, as for the other divas who talked behind my back? I'm glad 'coz they made me a stronger person. I never confront them. I never held grudges, I can even manage a smile whenever I pass them by. Other people appreciate me for what I am. Because of them I've learned to be a “love me or hate me kind of person”. Because of them I’ve accepted that I can’t please everyone. 

Do not allow anyone to define who you are and define you or define beauty for you. Those who hate you? They are just 1/50th of the many others who loves you and appreciates your beauty in and out. You just have to feel beautiful and smart, and when you feel so, other people will see you that way, too!

Screenshot of my feature in theplumpinay

Plus Hugs,

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  1. Wow! :) You're really going places! I'm very much happy for you. Keep it up!

  2. sis! i've read the blog from Plumpinay. i'm soooo proud of you! ^_^ *hugs*

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