An Eggplant Affair: our Eggplant-themed Cookfest!

5:32 AM

People at my household loves food... Though I wasn't able to acquire that cooking skill from my Mom.. or maybe I have yet to practice  it.. I am still a work in progress when it comes to cooking.. I have a few to boast.. Fried eggs, hotdog, fried rice, beef steak and ginataang halo halo.. Is that really enough for me to boast? Hehe.. I'll work on my cooking skills soon as I am back in Phils.. But for now I think my baking skills will complement with my lack in cooking.. ha!

Alright, so Saturday night, we pushed through the "Cookfest night". If I'm not mistaken,  since my brother's birthday, we were having themed parties at home in all weekends of August. Suggested by yours truly, agreed by my housemates and supported and finalized in one evening of coffee get-together at Orchard Road's The Coffee Club.

The Chefs and their entries and my personal review:
*Rudney Cauguiran
Dish 1: Moroccan Eggplant Pie
Pro: Its good to eat on its own. The eggplant really gave the pie its distinct taste.
Con: it doesn't look so good till you taste it.. more presentation next time!

*Vishnu dela Fuente
Dish 2: Eggplant Lasagna Romania

Pro: very eatable
Con: its like any other lasagna. 

Dish 4: Eggplant Parmegiana
Pro: I love the presentation! 
Con: the tomato sauce overpowered the eggplant in terms of taste

*Ruben Cauguiran with help from Marlon 
Dish 3: Eggplant Rolls in Triple Treat Sauce
Pro: the way it was done was very professional. As if someone trained from a culinary school. there were choices in the dip which made it more fun.. and i enjoyed the pesto dip!
Con: it is more of an appetizer. it makes me crave for something else or look forward to the next dish. and! it is quite oily haha..

and the winning entry is: Dish 1, Moroccan Baked Egplant Pie...

I have to give credit to all the chefs as this is the very first time their cooking the sumptuous entries we had for dinner. It was a special night, as it was also graced by our other Filipino friends in Singapore... who were the night's judges..

and so we ended our night with some booze, playing charades, karaoke, and some more chikahan..

I have yet to ask the chefs about the recipe.. I'll try doing them someday.. and I'll be sure to post it here in my blog..

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  1. in fairness cinareer talaga nila!!! I feel so bad I wasnt able to come!

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