I am a Work in Progress: Things that Compose ME - - Moods and Style

2:42 AM

Easy going and up-for-anything. I may not be the life of the party but I am kaladkarin, I could be easily asked to go out to so we could have a good time. If you need company, you're party would never be without a visitor i'm likely to be there.. Mahilig din magorganize at mag plan ng mga drawing na out of towns and get together and i don't stop until our drawings materialize.
Gala or let's just say in a better way - Street Smart. I love travelling. and im planning to explore and be wowed by PH. I love window shopping. I love malling. I love people and crowds. I know how to reach places even if i;ve been there once or twice. I could pass for a taxi driver in terms of roads and shortcuts even if I never had a car before.
Just like my favorite season  - SUMMER! I am sunny and Optimistic. I feel like I'm sooo put together that my friends would probably be surprised if they find out that I have problems much like their own dramas.
Sweet and Loving. If I say I love or miss you, or I complemented you.. I MEAN IT! and once you gain my care and trust, i'll fight against the tide for you! that's how I am with friends, relatives and loved ones.

Eclectic. I don't limit myself to just one particular look. It jumps from time to time depending on my mood - flirty, feminine, casual, boho, edgy. I'm playful with colors, fabrics and prints.. I love sundresses, florals, ruffles.. There's not a day without me accessorizing.. I'd feel better overdressed that underdressed :) and i want to be always camera-ready or meet-up-ready..
Bargain shopper.
I can shop anywhere and everywhere! If i see a new trend, or see a look from another girl, or from a particular brand, I try to put together the same look but search for it in bazaars, dept.stores, thrift stores, and clothing lines that are not hardly advertised yet.
Goin' Designer on Shoes and Bags for Durability. As for shoes, I want style, comfort, durability and affordability. I am currently pleased with Charles and Keith. As for bags, my bags are always full and heavy so it should be durable, I trust Longchamp and Goyard the most! Most of them are with me for more than 4 years already.. isn't that durability?
Style Inspiration. Everywhere! People I see everyday, fashion magazines, online fashion blogs and communities. I used to be very manang when it comes to fashion. Singapore street-style inspires me to start and continue playing with fashion.
Closet Palette. A little bit of everything with a lot of blacks, browns, purples and whites.
Basic Get-up. Dress/long shirts, leggings, heels and CONFIDENCE.

why did I write this.. wala lang.. i still feel lost in terms of my personality haha.. and i want to get to know myself better.. from my own Point of View.. and other people's..

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