18 out of 21 days... How am i Doing?

1:12 AM

18 out of my supposed 21 days.. how have i been with my goals?

*no rice diet :)
im gonna curse that Hainanese Chicken.. haha.. its my favorite Singapore food.. i can eat it almost every other day.. my staple food when i don't feel like i want other food.. aside from its cheap its really tasty.. so after our shopping date at Saizen, Mommy Cai asked to join her eat dinner.. i planned to just eat Corn Muffins, then when Mom arrived at our table, Hainanese chicken with the condiments nicely put together in the tray with that ginger-y chili smell.. Ais and I got really tempted.. :(

and then im gonna curse the weather too.. hehe.. i wasn't able to help myself from eating goto and champorado.. oohh they're such a treat during rainy days..

and then last night at North Park.. dinner with my college girls.. yes i did consumed a whole cup of rice.. baaaad..
though there are days i could really not eat rice naman.. i could still make pigil and choose non-rice meals.. cguro there are certain food lang.. and portion control.. 

i therefore conclude.. i can't get rice out of my system.. pero cguro i have to set a rice eating day lng.. or 2 cups a week max??

*stick with a budget of Php 200-250 for meals and transpo a day.. 
booo i wasn't able to do this too.. though we're doing tipid meals naman na.. its a progress that we're now ordering or planning our food budget carefully na.. but 200-250 is quite hard.. especially with transpo.. i really prefer FX coz of the counterflow during mornings.. and mainit talaga magjeep in the morning.. and i do my makeup sa FX :)

i will admit.. its the taxi when im late that ruins the budget.. 100 php from Medical City to Office to reach 9:15.. 

* asleep by 1230AM and reach the office by 845
most office nights im asleep by 1230PM.. except for Sat and Sunday nights.. im really making sulit my weekends.. i wasnt able to reach the office by 845 everyday.. there's something about Ortigas Ext traffic and transpo.. that even if i leave home earlier at a 1hr and 45 mins travel time allowance instead of 1 hr.. i still cant make it by 845.. I still arrive at the same time.. during the last 18 days, i still had one late hehe.. khit nagtaxi nko.. hay traffic tlga.. boooooooo... im just saying there are things na i dont have full control of.. i adjusted my alis from home naman na e..

* bawal umulit ng shoes.. :)
im proud coz this is something i was able to keep!! :) though madaya coz i bring slippers pauwi, its hard to commute kc in heels especially if ure sitting at the back of an Adventure/Crosswind na super baba ng seat.. 

i think im gonna keep on doing this.. keep rotating usage of my shoes..

* bawal mag impulse buy.. 
hmmm is Saizen shopping considered impulse buy? ndi naman cguro.. haha jinustify.. coz i only bought things i needed there.. and ngthink hard tlga ako why i need them..

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