Plus Size Style Inspiration: ANIMAL ENVY

12:57 PM

2 years back, my brother and I used to play dress up during lazy weekends... then when dear Vishnu  bought his SLR, we started doing photo/test shoots.. I posted some photos on my Facebook account but never really started blogging because I know the commitment fashion blogging entails..

So I am back in SG with my brothers.. and walah! a new set of photoshoot.. I am still contemplating.. but I just my start taking on the fashion blogging world.. plus-size edition :)

1st Inspiration: Animal Prints!
I remember someone every time i don a clothing item with animal print on it.. my past office mates would know :)

What I Wore: 
Black Vest and Black Tube (Cotton On)
Leopard-print Mullet Skirt (Thrifted)
Bronze Hoops Necklace (Bro 1s Gift, handmade by a friend)
SnakeSkin/Brown Velvet Heels (Charles and Keith)
Speedy 35 Bag (Bro 2s Gift, Louis Vuitton)

Bro1 also did his own photo shoot then we did something together.. I actually convinced him to do this shoot just like the old times.. I showed him styles from Lookbook and he easily agreed to join me on this "crazy weekend experiment".

So have you figured out who's influencing me and gladly feeding my kaartehan? Haha :) Bro1 in the photo and Bro2 behind the camera :) oh and Vishnu who allowed us to borrow his camera :)

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  1. Love the skirt! Fierce! :D

  2. Thank you! exactly, every time i slip on this skirt, my fierce temperature always go high..

  3. This is such a cute outfit - the leopard skirt is so fun!

    The Other Side of Gray