MULTIPLE ENTRY - Feeling Chinese in Singapore (Haw Par Villa)

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Had a hard time naming this article.. It's literally Multiple Entry 1st because of the outfit post which is a Multi-way dress and 2nd because my real topic is Haw Par Villa and 3rd because it was an activity-filled day - meeting, strolling at the park, malling, and movie night-out.

What I Wore: Brown Multi-way Dress (Get Laud), Animal Print Foldable Flats (Frolic) 
Meeting: Dress worn with Animal Skinned Platforms and Tan Blazer, Stud Earring (no photo)

This dress is among my favorites. I would nominate this as the Ultimate Wardrobe Must-have. Looking for the perfect LBD? This has got to be it. For only Php 650, it can be worn in different ways and in different occasions. The material allows the dress to flow freely and hugs the body just right. I have a love affair with multi-way pieces of clothing, if it can be worn in different ways, trust that I will immediately grab it ;)

Since I have someone to meet in the afternoon, I had to look meeting-appropriate so I had to style my dress in the simplest way possible and the neckline had to look conservative even under my tan blazer (not in the photo)

See the limitless possibilities! From morning to night! As a dress or as a skirt. Flat Hem or Mullet Hem. From casual to formal :)

My meeting was just 3 bus stops away from Haw Par Villa so I brought a camera and took my chance to visit the place.

They used to call Haw Par Villa as the Tiger Balm Gardens simply because the initial owners were the makers of the Tiger Balm Ointment :) They then donated the property to the Singapore government for conservation and maintenance. Thanks to the recently-opened Circle Line MRT, getting to this place is easier, this park is right at the exit of the Haw Par Villa MRT Station. The place is interesting if you want to know more about Chinese culture and their beliefs. As they say, most of the 1,000+ statues inside depicts Chinese mythology. Its also a good place to visit for photo enthusiasts since the arcs, statues and the pagodas are really colorful. The place doesn't have that much visitor anymore, though. I only encountered about 6-10 tourist groups. Maybe because Singapore is a very modern country and Haw Par is far from the CBD. 
Haw Par Villa is also known for its Ten Courts of Hell! From the entrance on the top left photo, its noticeable that its very dark inside. My camera's flash is broken so I wasn't able to take much photos. Its also kinda creepy and disturbing, maybe because they want the visitors to imagine what hell would look and feel like. I am just so lucky that a group of Chinese teens were with me when I entered. 

It is believed that for every kind of sin, affliction or wrongdoings, there will be a specific punishment held in a specific court.  In the First Court of Hell, the virtuous are led over a golden bridge to paradise.  The silver bridge to paradise is for those whose good deeds during their life outweighed the bad. The sinner will go through nine courts before judgment is finally reached.  In each of the nine courts, he is punished for the particular sin that he has committed. The Tenth Court is more on the belief of Reincarnation.

The statues inside are much like what we see in movies such as Saw, Final Destination and the like (I hate gross movies by the way)

Moving on to Good Vibes and promises of Luck, Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity! 

I met a Malaysian guy near the Buddha statue and he told me that many visitors come and touch the belly since it is believed to bring in Good Fortune! :) So I went up and touched its belly as he suggested :) He was also the guy who took my photos :)

Few stairs down and you'll meet Fu Lu Shou and beside them is the Bell. Touch the Statues, Make a Wish and Ring the Bell Once to achieve each God's promise. I am a Catholic but there's no harm in wishing and believing so I made wishes my wishes anyway.

Overall, I had a great time taking photos and learning the culture of the country I am in. It's also wonderful as well to meet few people when you're on the road alone :) Would've been a better day if I had company or at least a tripod...

Cheers to Good Vibes and Granted Wishes!

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