Pre-Born This Way Ball: How to Gaga-fy Myself

1:39 PM

After gracing the Philippine shores, she’s now in Singapore to belt out her extremely captivating tunes! She will be performing for three nights (May 28, 29 and 31) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 
I remember how it broke my heart when I first saw the Lady Gaga Concert billboard in Nichols, I knew there’s no reason to anticipate coz I wouldn’t be able to watch it, I’m in SG by then. It would be so impossible to watch her in SG coz I won’t be able to afford it. I settled myself into watching Channel V’s Born This Way Day (#btwday) on Channel V and danced in my condo like nobody cares.
All thanks to Bro1 who’s also a huge Gaga fan, we were very lucky to book the last two tickets to Lady Gaga’s first night in Singapore. Dream come true!

In my opinion, the controversy made Lady Gaga Concert: More Fun in the Philippines. Yet even without controversy, I know her over-the-top performances and engaging tunes will let us have fun just the same in Singapore.
I am a self-confessed little monster. And by now, at 4AM, I’m all hyped up and thinking what to wear to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. I know for sure it won’t be a complete experience without some bit of Lady Gaga-ish style. It won’t just be a concert its also a costume party - an opportunity to go beyond my everyday look or usual office and party dress, bend fashion rules and just go as creative as I want. so its gonna be Lady Gaga Plus Size Edition haha..
I know I can’t go all the way since I’ll be commuting. But Gaga never dresses down. Her staples include skin-tight leather, metal studs, feathers, hair, sequins, geometric patterns, Origami-inspired silhouettes, clashing colours, animal prints, big shoulders, capes and futuristic details. Eclectic perhaps. Too bad I don’t have all my clothes with me. I know the brown fully sequined dress from Mango which I left in PH is well-suited and soooo waiting to be worn on this occasion. However I have to settle with everything I packed in my travelling bag.
Embellished and metallic boots and geometrically challenging platforms are her signature yet I’ll probably be standing or dancing all night so it seems wise to opt for something less excessive. Flats are not an option though, since again, dressed down is just not something Lady Gaga does.

Lady Gaga experiments wildly with her hairstyles. With my short hair, there’s really nothing much I can do. I might find myself some props and weird pins. Or the best go to would be wigs and weird hats J
Makeup and Accessories
My inner Lady Gaga calls for a bitchy, smokey drama. Heavy eye makeup, black or super red lips?Tattoos are optional. I might go all out on metal necklaces and bracelets to make up for the lack of complexity in the hair department and lack of options in the clothing department.

Hmm… so now... how over-the-top can I go? What would I Dare to Wear?

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