Prince William and Kate Middleton in Singapore

8:26 AM

Oh I had a lovely morning.. Its not everyday that you get to meet a Royal.. I'm not even sure I could reach their country.. or whether people in their country often see them down the streets.

I went to visit Gardens by the Bay for the Public Meetup with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton (im kinikilig as i typed that, by the way)

Gardens by the Bay and MBS These are some of the perks of having a flexi schedule.. or even if I'm not flexi, I think I would've taken a half day leave for this occasion..

The royal couple is here in Asia. They were here in Singapore from Sept 11-13 before moving ahead to Malaysia on the 14th... It is said that they were visiting countries in Asia that were colonized by the Brits.

The Public meetup is scheduled at 10AM but I arrived at 1020AM. Bayfront MRT and the long walk to the Gardens by the Bay is almost empty. I was already telling myself they might have finished the Public Meetup immediately and I will arrive at nothing. But my hopes kept up and my eyes lit when I saw this sign!

I rushed to the SuperTree Grove and could now hear people screaming. I'm starting to see a huge crowd.. Most of them are Ang Mos. I guess its already a mix of races. But they were all holding "Welcome to Singapore banners" and country flags.

I managed to squeeze myself along the railings filled with hopefuls like me who wish to see the couple. A lady told me they haven't arrived yet but will be walking their way anytime soon.

Anyway, I only knew about Kate since the Royal wedding :p but I never took my eyes off her since then... girl crush, this is! I loved how she carries herself well in classic, elegant pieces of clothing. Her style is impeccable! (too many adjectives, eh?)


I didn't have to wait too long. Their entourage arrived in golf trams and I was in front of the railings.


Is it just me or I feel like she just waved at me? Hihi.. Im so kilig! I kept saying OMG OMG OMG the whole time the tram was passing. I was awestrucked! :)

I'm satisfied with that single photo taken :) I didn't stay for the programme.. I left immediately to avoid the crowd and head back to the office. I wish I was able to hold her hand but being that up close was enough to make me melt. I am beyond lucky!

Before I left Gardens by the Bay, I had to take a photo of myself with the signage and a somewhat Kate-inspired dress :) Haha this is the most Kate available in my Singapore closet. Half of my clothes are in Manila okay? 

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