Apples & Almonds Cupcakes by Faith: Indulge in the Extraordinary

12:16 AM

This review is long overdue. Yet all thanks to watching an episode of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, and her declaration of love for cupcakes, I am reminded of the best-tasting cupcakes I ever had in Manila.. move over Sonja's.. I found love in Apples & Almonds!

Cupcakes are an indulgent treat and what better way to cap off the workweek but by indulging in sweets! I have a sweet tooth.. but my preference actually goes more to pastries than chocolates :)

My sense of smell is really active in everything... so I first noticed the aroma of the cupcakes,.. oh gosh it is inviting.

I can be such a critic in pastries. When trying one for the first time, I do not just go ahead and bite. I enjoy each part of it.

The dough is really moist and flavorful, seriously, you can eat it without the frosting.

But the frosting completely surprised me! I was expecting it to taste like a regular whipped cream or icing with candy colored drizzles. Most bakers do take frosting lightly. But Apples and Almonds frosting creates not just physical artistry, it also added a tasteful twist to the cupcake.

I do not know what special product does Faith put in her cupcakes. The combination of the dough and frosting makes a premier cupcake!

Apples & Almonds cater four main variants, so far my favorite is Banoffee! But they also have Choco n' Smore, Almond & Maple, Apple & Cinnamon and are just as good in their own way!

I shared the Almond & Maple to a friend who's not into sweets and she said "Hindi ako mahilig sa kahit anong matamis, but this is damn good!"

"Apples and Almonds offers premium selection of cupcakes that guarantees a delight in your every bite. "
 You can never go wrong with homemade treats. Each cupcake starts at Php60 per piece! But you'll get further savings when you buy a box of 6 or a box of 12.

Don't you love that dainty frosting and packaging? I SURE DO!
It's the perfect treat for your self, your friends and loved ones. There's no need for an occasion, why not just go ahead and make someone's day with just a Piece of Cake! or Cupcake! :)

If you're lucky, catch them in holiday bazaars in the Ber months.. or better yet, order your home made treat now at:

Mobile: 0917-9826219

P.S.Since I am reminiscing here and was too excited to eat and forgot to take photos then, I took the liberty to grab from Apples and Almonds Facebook page.

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