When in Singapore: Luxury Malling and Dining at Marina Bay Sands, Mozza Pizzeria by Mario Batali

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Marina Bay Sands deserves a special visit.. so I dared to wear RED LIPSTICK (Matte by Nyx Cosmetics) for the FIRST TIME. I love how it instantly brightened up my face, giving an illusion of a flawless and fresh face. Okay I cheated, I applied very little makeup as compared to my usual full-on coz I wanted the Red Lipstick to be the highlight. Only the best right? so I tried Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation in 40 too for the first time. I might post reviews for both soon.

What I Wore: Bandage Skirt from Cotton On, Thrifted Black Sheer Pearl-Collared Top
That photo was taken on a recent visit at the Marina Bay Sands. The most recent iconic spot in Singapore :) They were on their soft opening when I last visited on October 2010, only a few shops were open then, some of the floors were not yet tiled and the canal for the Sampan ride is still empty.

(Photos on top from Google)
On the bucket list is a one-night stay in Marina Bay Sands and experience the Sky Sandspark. Oh that magnificent view of the city.

I am soooooo amazed at the beauty and retail (window shopping) therapy it now offers. There is a relaxed and elegant feel as you walk along, it must be the music, small crowd or the architecture that allows natural lighting. And from the bridgeway alone (parallel to the DNA bridge for those who are walking, oh yeah confusing), I felt like entering a different world as compared to the whole Singapore city. The mall is really upscale catering mostly designer brands like Gucci, YSL, Prada, and Louis Vuitton Island! Its the best or only LV gallery in Asia I guess. I am also awaiting Victoria's Secret's store opening.

Photo from designboom.com

Now moving on to food :) If you want to splurge on one meal, I think Pizzeria Mozza by Chef Mario Batali, is the least expensive choice from among other celebrity chef restaus in Marina Bay Sands.

Aside from hosting Iron Chef America, Mario Batali is one of the most recognized and respected chefs working today with his restaus and cookbooks.

Food/s Tried: For appetizers, we had Chicken Wings (3pcs), Meatballs (3pcs). Then our main meal was Funghi pizza (all mushroom with four cheeses) and their Meatlover pizza. Sorry I'm not particular with the names as I didn't plan to blog about it initally.

Price / Serving: Each serving, which is good for 2-3 people, is priced between $18 to $38. Servings look small but we were not able to finish both pizza coz its surprisingly heavy. FYI. The three of us all have huge appetites and that was our first meal of the day.

Ambience: I loved the ambience and decor. It looks cozy, vintage and premium. The cutlery is creatively placed in a vintage envelope. The placemats have Italian words and English translations as well as Italian superstitions. So these observations entertained us while we wait for our entrees.

Service: We had a Filipina lady to serve us so maybe that's why we had a better service experience. They love to serve their fellow Filipinos. They were quick to let us have a house appetiser which is a crisp bread. We also didn't have to wait that long for the appetizers and pizza to arrive.

Taste: I didn't have huge expectations for each food ordered. For the Chicken Wings at about 6sgd per piece, I'd rather go to Don Henrico's Buffalo Wings. Meatballs are just so-so for me. It would've been a lot worth the price if it comes with pasta haha. Now here goes the pizza review! Though I am a pizza lover, I am not a fan of thin crust. Since my favorite flavor for any pizza chain would be meatlovers, I tried the Funghi pizza first. One bite and darn I just had a tongue-gasm. Considering Funghi is not yet all meat, so on my next pizza slice I just died on their meatlovers :) Their pizzas were definitely the best I’ve had.

From what I heard, it is quite difficult to get a table during weekends, reservations are required at least a week in advance. Luckily, our visit was a late weekday lunch so we were seated in an instant :) Anyway, if you want to ensure a table..

Osteria & Pizzeria Mozza
2 Bayfront Ave #B1-42/46
The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Tel: +65 6688 8522

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  2. Such very beautiful places, impossible not having a great time overthere...
    I love red lipsticks, really love, n u r gorgeous with this color on ur lips.

    I'm following u ;)
    Xxxx from Brazil!

    1. Thanks Luisa! You must visit Asia sometime.. I felt more confident too donning red lipstick!

  3. Love the details on your top! And now I want pizza :)

    1. Thanks Megan.. Pearls are my favorite clothing details.. they have to-die-for pizzas :)