June Lust-Haves: Clothes, Makeup, Etc.

10:36 AM

Didn't you have that dream of being a celebrity and have the latest clothes and makeup sponsored? Apart from that, you have enough cash to buy yourself that designer item you've been lusting for?
Didn't you have that dream of winning a  shopping spree? or be given 2 minutes at the mall and grab all dress, makeup, shoes and accessories that you can? 

If only things were that easy.. but for a regular girl like me.. I need to work extra hard and put aside some money to spend for these.. I am fond of window-shopping or online-eye-shopping :) and these are my Lust-Haves this month :)

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. USD $29

It's promises: Hypoallergenic, suited for all skin types, formulate to resist moisture, keeps your makeup picture-perfect for up to 16 hours —you're guaranteed makeup that always looks just-applied.

Why is it on the Lust-List? Makeup hardly stays on me. I would always joke about "Naghalfday na naman ang beauty ko" Because I would step out of the house really made up fresh looking and after some about 4 hrs or some change in temperature, my makeup either darkens or turns oily or disappears completely. This might be the answer! The best addition to my current primer-foundation-loose powder combo.

2. Pink Jeggings from Uniqlo / Cotton On, Sgd 34.90 - 39.90. 

Why is it on the Lust-List? Wearing pink pants seems really clean and feminine to me. The perfect alternative to the white pants.

3. New Look White Butterfly Print Dipped Hem Maxi Dress, about 60SGD. 

Why is it on the Lust-List? Oh yes another mullet, but I never got past my obsession for butterflies. The print is so adorable! I just feel like this dress is very much ME!

4. Sephora Deluxe Fragrance Sampler For Her. 

What it Contains: 0.05 oz Ralph Lauren Romance, 0.06 oz Gucci Flora by Gucci, 0.05 oz Michael Kors Gold, 0.04 oz Vera Wang Lovestruck, 0.04 oz Oh, Lola Marc Jacobs, 0.03 oz Pucci Miss Pucci Intense, 0.03 oz Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo, 0.03 oz FENDI Fan di Fendi, 0.04 oz Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, 0.04 oz Hanae Mori Butterfly

Why is it on the Lust-List? Sure there's still a need to explain? haha.. It takes a long time for me to finish a bottle of perfume and i'm so guilty to buy a new one. I do not have a signature scent and I prefer switching scents depending on my mood. So I'd get to try different scents for the price of one!

5. The Perfect Denim Jacket. 

Why is it on the Lust-List? It's not just a lust-have. It should be a staple in every woman's closet. It looks good on just about anything. I'm still on the search for the perfect denim jacket with the perfect fit. Not too tight, not too loose.

Yey! So which one of these items also made it to your Lust-List!

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