the GM (General Motors) Diet Journey Part 2 - Day 5 and beyond, End Result and Conclusion

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My 1st post was already too lengthy so I had to create two parts for this topic.. here's the continuation.. View my first post here.

Saturday - Day 5: Beef all you can and 6 Tomatoes  

Morning Weigh-in: 173.2

Not bad..  must be the effect of what I consumed which is saging na saba and Fresh Milk.. my bad.. i didn't chose the low-fat and skim purposely.. Another secret unlocked! I weighed my self everyday.. and the everyday weightloss even if its little by little pushes me to keep going with the GM plan.

It's a feast day for the carnivore me! For breakfast I had 2 beef patties fried in very little oil and 1 whole tomato... while they had a bucket of KFC Chicken delivered.. see? the people that surrounds me are convenience eater like me and they love food as much as i do!

Since we came from the Singapore Expo to check the MegaFlea and Sales, we ate out for dinner at Food Republic. There were so many food to choose from but I have to stick to it. I went around and was glad to find a Japanese stall selling hot beef plate and then I ordered extra tomatoes from nearby Tapa King (Oh yes! Tapa King in Singapore!) So the secret as well is being very picky on what you eat and being strict to yourself.

Before I slept, I checked my weight and it's still at 173.8. I kept it even after eating saging na saba and full cream milk yesterday and meat today. It inspired me to read more health and wellness articles too! It makes me more determined to keep the weight.

Sunday - Day 6: Beef and Vegetables all you can  

Morning Weigh-in: 172.8

Not a huge drop. Probably because I wasn't able to consume 6 tomatoes and I only had 2 huge meals and 1 midday meal because I was so much preoccupied by shopping the day before. For breakfast, I sauteed minced beef with onion garlic and tomatoes. It tasted as good as a taco or shawarma filling.

Vishnu cooked sinigang so I joined them for lunch. With sinigang as my soup with the stringbeans and kangkong on it, I had my additional fill of veggies.

After a day of touring around Bugis Street and Chinatown, we ate at a Chinese restau. They had Beef stir-fried with some veggie stalks. Told you i'm not a veggie lover so I don't know how they were called.

Monday - Day 7: Brown Rice, Veggies and Fruits 

Morning Weigh-In: 172.3

Once again, not a huge drop. Probably because I only had 2 huge meals, then waking up late and preoccupation on shopping the day before probably slowed my metabolism. But alas! The last day of the diet plan is finally here! 

Breakfast began with pears :)

I looked around the grocery store and was not able to find brown rice less than 10 kilos. Boo! I asked the food stalls around if they are serving brown rice and they don't! I asked the Thai restau if they serve brown rice and they don't. By lunchtime, I am so famished. Thai food took over my willpower and Chicken Pad Thai defeated me! Booooo! End of GM haha..

I still bought lemons and grapes and grapefruit that I could munch on and curb my snacking.

Review, Learnings and Conclusions

I was surprised at how I was able to withstand 6 days with all possible temptations all around me. Does it work? Based on experience, YES IT DOES WORK! Especially if you strictly follow the diet plan. I skipped the GM Wonder Soup which I learned later on was supposed to be a fat burner.

With my frame. an overall weight loss of 6.5 lbs is kinda hard to notice. I know that I still have to lose some more but I am glad for the jumpstart GM has provided. And that's the fastest weight loss I ever had. I'm also proud of myself for the discipline.

But in the course of 1 week of healthy eating, I noticed an improvement in my facial complexion. 3 days before GM, I had a breakout. But by GM Day 4, I noticed clearer and glowing skin and to my surprise, my monthly visit also arrived! These two probably happened coz of the cleansing benefit and release of toxins. I also feel lighter and more energetic.

Anyway, GM can not be adopted as a lifestyle. One can only do GM if they're work doesn't require too much physical activity. It's best done on a long weekend, vacation or if you are working from home :) The food allowed per day may not be enough to sustain your energy requirements. If the temptation or the cravings will not get you, then hunger, dizziness, and headache definitely will. It take a lot of self-control, will power and patience, too! I know a lot of people who didn't manage to finish.

I'm not sure i would do it again since its very much restrictive. Or I would but Day 2 Veggie day would be more fun if Tofu or Mushrooms could be tossed along with the vegetables. 

Chips, sweets, fried food used to be an everyday fare for me. But I understand I need to drop that habit to reach a healthy body weight. My friends and family eats heartily and they cook really well. I realized hearty eating once in awhile, or special occasions is fine, just not every day, not even every other day. Moderation and portion control would be the key. 

Do whatever it takes, but don't tell yourself you can never eat any certain food again, because that just makes it all the more difficult to handle it when the time comes. GM is kinda depriving and I saw how one of our friend got fed up and by Day 3 eat double the amount of the food he enjoyed but missed eating.

Funny how I ended up eating alone on my first 4 days coz no one wants to eat with me. They all are nega about what I do. The key is: DON'T LET THEM TELL YOU IT CAN'T BE DONE! In the beginning, you must know how to block of comments from people, whether they are your family or close friends.. take the good ones and block of the negative ones.. no comment from people is the best support i guess.. either you convert them in eating less or they convert you with their unhealthy eating. Dieting does not mean quitting eating; it simply means eating the right thing.

The good thing about GM is..
.. it would help you develop healthy eating..
.. it would help you practice self-restraint.. and not just grabbing whatever is convenient..
.. it would make you mindful of the amount of water you intake..
.. it would make you appreciate whatever is available on the table.. and not asking for more..
.. it would help you survive when you are stuck in an island and have not much food choices to eat..
.. its more of making healthy choices.. taking time to prepare your own meal.. minding what you put in your meal.. mindful of the condiments, seasoning or dips..

I fully understand that it's one thing to lose weight and its another battle to maintain it! I have been more conscious of what i eat and and the amount of food i consume, here's how i plan to permanently, and little by little lose the excess pounds
  1. I am planning to adopt the Veggie Day and Fruit day. 
  2. Or a very strict and healthy Monday-Saturday without carbs, soda and chips (I heard Koreans K-pop stars do their diet this way, strict Monday-Saturdays, then they can eat anything they want only on Sundays)
  3. Increase physical activity. I would continue running in more distances and longer minutes. I would keep on doing Zumba. Our friend Krishna's boxing trainer told her that weight loss key is 70% food intake and 30% physical activity
  4. I'll do more crunches. Since my tummy had always been a problem area since I was a kid. Some plus-size girls still have proportioned waists and flat tummies. K-pop stars also swear by a minimum of 500 sit-ups per day (Boo this will kill me so ill stay with crunches for now)
  5. Drink lots and lots of water with spritz of lemon. . The benefits of drinking lots of water with lemon will not only be beneficial to your skin, but will also aid in weight loss, according to My previous Herbalife weight coach also suggested that for every 25kg you have, you should drink 1 litre of water.
  6. Eat more fruits and vegetables. 
  7. Go to bed early to avoid late night cravings and snacking. I must adapt the meal 4 hrs before bedtime. 
  8. Snack on fruits instead of chips, pastries and sweets.  
    Eat everything in moderation especially my carb consumption to not more than 1 serving per day. Carb is present in most vege and fruits. I used to be able to finish 3 slices of pizza or 2 donuts or 2 pairs of sandwich or 1 and a half slice of lasagna in 1 sitting, But I'll strictly follow portion control.

Here's a Height-Weight Chart, based on it, I still need to lose 35-40 lbs to stay on a medium-large frame by my 25th birthday. 4 months to make this lifestyle a habit.

To all those trying to lose weight, or still planning to lose weight - MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US! 

For more info, here are what I used as references, open this PDF document or go to

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