What Shoe Wearing?

12:51 AM

Lol.. that was a mushy post title..

Yesterday, I posted a photo on the different types of heels, now we're adding the flops, flats and boots and all other shoe types. You might want to cue your brother or boyfriend to improve his shoe-lingo :)

Photo taken from Etsy.com

So what kind of shoes are you are you wearing today? and which pair of shoes do you need more of? and which types of shoe is often found in your closet?

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  1. How CUTE is your header? :D

    Anyway, I'm wearing sneakers at the moment because my feet almost died last night after standing for four hours straight. Need to get them rested and well enough for another night out. :)


  2. Thanks Abi! I am inspired to reconstruct my blog these days and be more active.. starting the revamp with my header :)

    Heels feel fabulous but at the end of the day, nothing beats flats such as sneakers for comfort.. looking to see more casual (sneakers) looks from you!

  3. what a lovely photo header!

    Thank goodness you posted, sometimes I get lost and confused with all shoe names. ballerina flats are often in my closet, at least chunky heels now official. Before i normally call them thich-heel pumps. haha.


    1. Hi Mitch,

      Haha that's a good one! :)

      Before this, I feel like I already have way too many shoes, but looking at how each one style is differentiated, I realized I only have 10 out of the many types, mostly ballet flats, strap and open toe sandals :)

  4. This is such an informative poster! i am certainly enlightened about the the lobster claw (formerly lady gagas' on my vocab)hehe ♥ ur blog! more fatshionable pinays come out please!