Chanel CC Cream

10:05 AM

I first read about CC Cream, Chanel to be exact, from Divine Lee's blog. I immediately rushed to the Chanel makeup counter in Marina Bay Sands to ask. I was surprised when the lady said: "We don't carry it in Singapore. Because it's not really good.."

Her comment didn't stop my search. I really wanted to try a CC Cream knowing it is so-called "the mother of BBs" and the promise of refined and improved BB cream. There are only few brands that offer CC Cream. It was made popular by Rachel K in Asia, but Chanel is the first international brand to sign on and launched its own CC (Complete Correction) Cream on the Chinese market.

It is currently available in China but thanks to my friend's work assignment in Shanghai, I'm trying the world's most sought-after creams for the 1st time.

Price. Chanel is of course expensive. About 90 USD :)

Consistency. Not too thick and not too watery. It is very lightweight. 

Smell. Like its foundations, it also has the Chanel-like premium scent

Color Swatch. They only carry it in one shade which is 20 Beige. I have a feeling it would appear too white on me. Hihi so I only applied very little and and only to half of my face to see the color difference. After a minute of application, it was too light for me and no I wasn't happy coz it didnt give me the natural look.

Left Side with CC Cream. I got too excited to try so no moisturizers or primer.. just CC Cream..

Coverage. It softened my open pores and it did not feel sticky. It provided light coverage, but it wasn't able to conceal my blemishes. I went on full make-up instead and layered it under Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. In fairness, it glided on smoothly above the CC Cream.

Verdict. It is a good make-up base / primer because of its SPF, anti-aging and hydrating properties but not meant to be worn as it is. I do hope they expand the available shades because it did not suit my morena skin tone.

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  1. hello, it would be great if you do a comparison with the Rachel K CC Cream. I sit better than teh Chanel one ? some say that it has better coverage and higher SPF :)

    1. Hi Jess lee! Thanks for your suggestion.. I will!

      I've been looking for Rachel K CC cream in Singapore malls since my dissatisfaction with Chanel's CC.. but so far, most of the stores I've been to no longer carry Rachel K.. don't worry, I'll keep on looking ;)

  2. How I wish I can get my hands on this but the price is too steep.. :(