Taking Fashion and Beauty Cues from Mom

9:01 PM

Few days ago, we celebrated my mom's 13th year of death anniversary. Half of my life has passed without her and its such a shame that I didn't get a chance to introduce her to my friends and make them see what a lovely mom she was. 

Although there's a very vague photo of her in my mind, I will try to paint the best picture of her in my memory and remember the traits she's had. Although I seem very far from the daughter she last bonded with, I am now understanding that some traits and interests I have were surprisingly like her.

Our first life coach has always been our mothers. Everything we know, we take a cue from our mom. From ABCs, to reading books, memorizing poetry, proper table manners, and for some, beauty and fashion.

I am the youngest in the among my 5 other siblings. The age gap is so wide that during my toddler years, I am left alone at home while everyone's graduating in college or working.

Being left alone at home, sharing the room with my mother, I was never immune to the game all little girls enjoyed..

Playing Dress-up.
Looking back, the closet I raided were filled with handbags, clutches, jewelries, chained shoulder bags and high heels in different colors. If you were to look at my closet now, oh yeah, its no different, and we had the same taste! :)  She didn't even got to know how "kikay" she was because that slang term wasn't there then.

Her persona when it comes to dressing up is much like mine. Because she loves socializing, she goes the extra mile by buying new cloth for her seamstress to do in preparation for her org's ballroom parties, galas and conference. She doesn't want anyone to dress the same as her :) and she loves to put her personal style :) To think, there were no fashion magazines and fashion blogs back then, only her impeccable style. 

I no longer know where her items are after she passed away. My titas and aunties must have gotten hold of them. But with everyone going vintage fashion nowadays? I do hope I was able to keep my mom's items. I will always wonder whether her clutches and chained bags were Chanel. Haha..

She steps out of the house fully made up, yet at home, she is very casual. I've always told my sister my friends cannot surprise visit me at home or I will be ugly if there is a sudden fire or earthquake. Because I care less about my pambahays or my hair when I'm at home.

I guess we first learn about vanity from our mothers. Her dresser was filled with perfume, makeup, lipstick and scented lotions. Though sorry Mom I still could never understand your love for dark plum lipstick and "Potion" perfume up to now.

I used to love sitting in her dresser, apply baby powder all over my face, red lipstick, mimic the SM Salesladies' blue and pink eyeshadow combo and talk to myself in front of the mirror quoting a line from Anna Luna or Mara Clara :) Perhaps its the frustrated little kid actress but my sibs would often catch me doing that and wonder if I'm crazy talking to myself.

I wonder how she would feel about the lady that I am now. I wonder if I used to be like her when she was my age. I wonder what would it be like to bring her to makeup counters so we could try lipsticks together. I wonder what she would feel about entering Forever 21. I wonder if she would push me to be a makeup artist. I wonder if she prefers  Georgina Wilson or Bea Alonzo. I wonder if she will scold me for or approve of my clothing experiments. 

I would never know.

I guess that's the word my mom has always wanted to appear as among her amigas. Somehow I feel like this is how I want people to view me as well. Even if you are feeling sad or having a bad day, do not forget to look awesome and make the best impression from people.

But beyond her efforts to look physically well, people also saw through her inner good soul. She was loved by many not for the wardrobe, but also for other qualities she possessed: smart, resourceful, generous and hospitable.

There's one thing i wasn't able to acquire though.. she's a reaaaaaally goooooood cook! That's another story though! I have another year? or perhaps the next death anniv? to work on my cooking skills.

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