Gadget Craaazy!

9:34 PM

I am going gaga on gadget research and reviews this month.. Must be work that entails the need to be mobile.. or my workmates that are updated on the latest gadgets.. waaaaah!

My Iphone 3G gave up on me and I already promised my Ate she will be the heiress of my Iphone upon repair..

I am on a hunt for my next gadget. Smart phone or tablet? I don't know but I prefer 'It' to have the following features:

  • Read e-books
  • Take photos
  • Access Facebook and Email on the go
  • Listen to music while commuting
  • Has good internal memory
  • Budget-friendly
  • Preferably lightweight though I really don't mind the size because I always carry a huge bag and earphones.
With all the existing ones in the market and upcoming ones as announced by manufacturers, I am having a hard time to choose and even to buy now or wait..

You may have reviews or you may have better suggestions but these are the ones i'm currently eyeing on / waiting for:

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note?
wins aesthetically - how can I resist a limited edition smartphone? in pink? This feels so me..

Kindle Fire?
This wins in the value for money department. I can use my existing low-tech phone for call and text anyways.
Samsung Galaxy Tab?
It has the same capabilities as of Note but with a lower price.
iPhone? current? or wait for new ones?
I'm not even sure if I can afford it if iPhone 5 comes out.. but I feel like it is worth the wait, instead of spending on a gadget now.

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