A Trip to Dapitan Arcade

11:52 PM

Since my November vacation in the Philippines, I swear I can't stop thinking of home decor. During mall visits, of course my first stop would be clothes, shoes and accessories, but recently, it won't be complete without a visit to the furniture and home accessories department.

Signs of aging tastes perhaps? Haha.. I feel like our condo is still incomplete and missing some bits and pieces, especially my room on the 2nd floor.

A lot of friends have recommended Dapitan Arcade recently. In search of some design inspirations, Christmas holiday decors and cheap but unique knick knacks and to feed our curiosity, we allotted  few hours to visit this little hub at the corner of Dapitan and Kanlaon Streets called Dapitan Arcade.

cheap vases Philippines
The street prior to Dapitan Arcade are also lined up with vendors selling different items such as these vases

In the street adjacent to it, is Dapitan Tiangge, (where we parked coz we thought its already Dapitan Arcade), its a 3-storey building that also offer home decors.

Dapitan Tiangge

Anyway, Dapitan Arcade serves as a depot for export over-runs of gifts, home furnishings and accessories made of various materials ranging from sinamay, paper, rattan, capiz, ceramics, plastic, wood and metal. Though there are also China made items you'd normally find on Ebay, Home TV Shopping and Daiso.

Zen or Chic? Whatever theme you want for your home, stay organized with these elegant boxes

Ceramics and vases in various shapes and sizes

Mannequins.. I seriously want them for my room as an accessories stand or as a lamp.

Add romance to your room with these rustic lamps

Dapitan ArcadeDapitan Arcade
These sunburst wall clocks, sunburst mirrors and intricately-designed metal and capis wall arts would make any room look highly sophisticated.

You'd be surprised that the prices are again, not as high than those in malls or art galleries. You can bargain and they can adjust depending on your budget. You can also inquire if you want customized steel art.

cheep metal wall art

If you're looking for cheap Christmas decors and Christmas gifts and looking for an alternative to Divisoria, then head over here. Most of the items on sale now are for the Christmas season since its, well, few weeks before Christmas.

cheap Christmas decor

Build a belen, create your own Christmas village, fill your home with angels or Santa Claus, there are plenty of options.

In the midst of chaos, I found this mock Eiffel Tower which I'm so lusting to buy!
Shopping hours are from 7am to 7pm.

The place is not air-conditioned, therefore it may not offer the comfortability of shopping malls, so be armed with a fan or a handkerchief!

But never mind the slight heat, most of the items we bought were priced almost half of those found in malls. Talkin' about value for money here! and yes, some bargaining skills.

What we bought:
1. Christmas wreath - It even has a "Kultura" tag priced at Php 499.75 but I bought it for only Php 300.00
2. Christmas tree decor (balls, dried glittered leaves, ornaments) ranging from - Php 10-100 each about Php 30-300 in malls.
3. Little Pink Dress Accessories Organizer - Php 80
4. Pink Laundry Hamper made of rattan. - Php 200
5. Some christmas gifts Php 300 and below

I think Dapitan Arcade is worth another visit around February to September. Great finds are year-round and for sure, you'll find something to suit your budget.

For now, Merry Hunting!

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  1. Wow, Sure is affordable! Thank you for sharing a fab find, I've been wanting to go to places like this to dress up our apartment too.


    1. I really recommend this place.. there'll be something that would suit your apartment's theme for sure..

  2. I love this place. So many interesting things, and stuff from all cultures! I like your blog, I think it's cute. I'm your newest follower! Hopefully you will come check out my blog and follow back perhaps?

    Jen xx

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for following and thank you for introducing me to your blog :) Would definitely visit!