Tell me How to tie a Scarf in 40 ways

11:59 PM

The nights are getting colder and often times, the weather could be very unpredictable and it rains during afternoons.

Scarves are a great way to add layer and color to an outfit. But despite a number of scarves I own, I really suck at working it and pulling it off.. 1st hour its tied around my neck, 2nd hour its knotted in front of my chest, 3rd hour its simply hanging in my neck, 4th hour its already a blanket =D

I am not comfortable whenever I am wearing a scarf right you see.. But then the office AC could be really chilly, and there are lots of exciting movies to watch, and the cold weather outdoors is the perfect excuse to do a "Scarf Week!".

So glad to stumble upon this photo in Pinterest that shows how to tie a scarf, not just 10 but 40 ways! and I saw some more photos that shows how to use a scarf as headbands, besides using scaves as neck accessory.

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