The Lady G Born This Way Monsters Ball Experience

8:38 AM

So I've finally decided not to go all out Gaga costume. Before this post, I told you the story on how I got the tickets and my preps for the big day. After much consideration, I went on with this outfit

I remembered the lady orders everyone to just be themselves. She's an inspiration because she celebrates being U-N-I-Q-U-E, being just the person you are and standing up for it with full confidence. She has that I don't give a f*ck attitude and that's cool to me.

So I stayed true to what I would normally wear.. just added a dash of Gaga here and there.. Its basically my top who had it already..
  • drapes added some flavor and unevenness.. 
  • padded shoulder added some architecture
  • sequins on the shoulder added some bling.
  • I am a necklace girl so I used my Black Metal Chain Necklace from Rubi
  • Black Strapped Platforms heels from Charles and Keith added some more fierceness..
So there goes my Gaga Look Checklist! Yet the style is still very much ME!

Since Bro1 came from the office, he had to bring his White Aviators and Fully Sequined Cowboy Hat. He also brought a spare which is his White Fedora and plain eyeglasses. I decided to wear it just for the photo :) We took this shot before the show. Weee! its my first time to wear fedora and eyeglasses. Feeling ko di ko bagay ang geeky look..

I wasn't able to take a lot of photos during the show coz I wanted to enjoy the experience. She started off the show saying "Be good to the person, beside you or behind you even if you don't know each other, they might change your life"

I feel like the production numbers and her costumes were very much the same as in the Phils anyway. I only took a video of Bad Romance, Born This Way and Alejandro.

It was a 2-hr and 30-minute show and most of the songs were from the "Born This Way" album.. but she still sang all of her hits. Aside from the above, let me recall other songs: Just Dance, Poker Face, Telephone, You and I, the controversial Judas, Edge of Glory and Marry the Night.

My favorite production number was when she appeared like floating in a long white gown. There's a creepy cool thing about it.

The most inspirational number is from the photo above while playing the song "Hair" in her motorcycle piano. She told people about how she was treated by the kids in school when she was in high school and how she used to be a loser. Amongst all her inspirational adlib and dialogue, this one struck the most which I want to share as well:

"You have something very special inside of you to give"

That's it, every second, every penny is worth it. It is the best concert I've ever seen. She gave all out performances for 2.5 hours non-stop. Extravagant production numbers, costumes, dance moves and her very powerful voice. She's a real talent and music icon. I feel so honored to have the chance to see her perform live :)

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  1. Hello Aiz- thanks for visiting my site. I enjoyed reading your blogs and thanks for following me (I was looking for a way to follow you but I don't know how so I thought I'd just comment here.

    Cheers to body lovin'.

    Miss J

    1. thank you! oh i think i accidentally removed the follow me gadget.. thanks for noticing! i re-added it.. cheers!

  2. Oh God, lucky You ! You were on GaGa's concert. Want to be there too ! :< Btw - Your look is so adorable ! I'm in love with Your top and shoes ! Kiss x

    1. She's really amazing! Thanks! glad you liked my top! thanks for sharing your blog, i'll go and check yours too :)

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  4. Glad you see had such a great time ! last week i went to see Gaga on her Born This Way Ball Born This Way Ball and it was amazing as always!

    1. Bet you also had a great time! :) she never fails to amaze her audience.. im looking forward to her next visit in Asia..