ANTM Cycle 19: College Edition 30 Finalists Revealed.. my Top Faves

12:08 PM

Lots of Gorgeous choices.. but one of my tops would be Yvonne coz she's on the Curvy side of the scale :) as compared to the other 29 finalists.. this cycle for sure is gonna be exciting..

See my favorites below.. and see the rest of the finalists here!

20 year old at 5’8”

(Hefty bottom and thighs, she's not model thin, not plus-size either, more like the average I suppose, she looks like she eats hehe.. and I love the fire in her eyes)

Above Left: Kristin
19 year old at 5’7” (She kinda reminds me of Jessica Simpson)

Above Right: Maria
22 year old at 5’7” (I find her jaw, facial contour and facial features really sexy)

Above Left: Victoria
18 year old at 5’9” (She reminds me of Demi Moore)

Above Right: Deedra
23 year old at 5’11” (She has an interesting face, i love her facial features too and I think she will do well as Covergirl Ambassador)

They are my initial bets.. I'd be anxiously waiting for the Cycle 19 to begin and see how far my top girls would go..

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