Nail Art Experiment: Geometrics - Grainy Pink, Plum and White

4:56 AM

So we don't have anything planned for Friday night and while watching the American Idol Top 2 results, I've decided to play around with some of my old nail polishes..

Geometrics - Grainy Pink, Plum and White
I started with my thumb.. I initially planned a thin white slanted streak like my pinkie finger, but it got too thick hehe.. the cam the idea to make it uneven and do geometrical design which is what I did for my smallest and middle finger.

Grainy Pink from Elf
Neon Purple from Sweet Cherry
White Satin from Caronia

its not perfect as i dis not use any tape or nail art tool.. and my hands are shaky, but i think it looks really young, feminine and funky! :)

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