Independence Day-Inspired Nails and Singlehood

6:47 AM

Happy Philippine Independence Day! To honor that, I had this Bandila-inspired nails. Bandila is a news and current affairs show in the Philippines. So I tried to create the Philippine flag on my middle finger and newspaper art in my thumb.

Everytime we gather in the Philippines, we will never miss these familiar questions from our relatives and friends: "Musta lovelife? Where/who's your boyfriend?", so make sure you have a witty remark prepared.

June 12 is usually celebrated as the Philippine Independence Day. A lot of us may have used this holiday to reconnect with friends and family and may have encountered the above question for sure. In lieu of Independence Day, why not celebrate it this year for a different reason? I'm raising a toast not just for Philippines' Independence, but also my own! Yey!

If you are fresh from a break-up, you may not agree with me, but you'll soon find out being single and independent is a blessing :) We get to know ourselves more, we get to develop our talents, pursue hobbies and interests we held back on, and many other things.

If like me, it’s been awhile since you’ve glorified your singleness, here are some of my single blessedness bucket list to commemorate your self-sufficiency this Independence Day and beyond.

1. Go to a movie alone.  - I have yet to do this again. The last time I did this was Pirates of the Carribbean with the thought of having a date with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp :)
2. Finish a book  - I read slowly. Reading only during commutes. But I get to finish a book every 2 months or so.
3. Build a complete makeup kit. - Although I have the basics, bb cream, primer, foundation, shadows, liners, mascara, blush and lipsticks.. This is still in progress..
4. Donate blood   - My several attempts failed. My WBC count is often higher than normal.
5. Live alone   - Not technically alone coz I have my ate occupying the ground room. But condo living with just the two of us doing domestic things feels oh so grown up.
6. Train for (and finish) a huge physical test like a marathon. In progress
7. Learn to cook well.   - I'm trying to learn more dishes. But don't ask me the name of the dish, just tell me if it tastes good or not. My officemates, my sister and her friends appreciate my cooking. Glad I didn't have to bring them to hospital the next day.
8. Fly to a foreign place by yourself.   - or a foreign locale.. I'm contemplating Ilocos or Korea :)
9. Chat with a sexy stranger. 
10. Own a plant.  - Thanks to my friend Ais who gave me some Buboys to take care of. I wonder how they are now. I left them in the office.
11. Get your finances in order.  In progress.
12. Watch all the reality TV you want.   - and I still have a long list of series and seasons to watch :)
13. Get drunk during the day, just because you can.
14. Let your friends create an online dating profile or let them set you out on a date.
15. Create a blog.  - I created this blog years back out of curiosity and for personal purpose. However, I now thought of making it bigger and not just for myself.
16. Own a pet.  - R.I.P. our Gucci boy, he was my first pet he was only 9months when he got paralyzed and died few weeks after.

17. Create a Happy "I Love Myself" playlist    - This will be handy in moments of self-doubt, low self-esteem and other mood swings.
18. Prettify yourself, play dress up and indulge in a photoshoot, best done with other single girlfriends.   - We sometimes get lazy to dress up to work, or we're so hurry to put full on makeup, or sometimes we need reminder from our friends that we look good :)
19. Volunteer for a cause or spend time in a shelter for old people, abandoned/sick kids and animals
20. Date yourself and eat out alone in a restau you've been dying to try
21. Get drunk, really really drunk   - Thanks to my supportive friends. I realized I don't get super drunk because I just throw it up hehe..
22. Date your parents
23. Create a letter to your future husband.
24. Learn a foreign language.   - My attempt at Mandarin is so-so. I didn't became excellent in Basic Mandarin. I have no future in it and realized I should've taken Spanish, Italian or Japanese instead.
25. Sit at a bar by yourself.

Have you done any of these? What else should be on the bucket list?

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  1. Hi, I found your blog through our mutual friend, Keevee. She told me I'll love your style. ;)

    Happy Independence Day! I was single for the longest time and I'm grateful that my new beau allows me to enjoy the same freedom that I used to enjoy as a single woman. Anyway, in whatever stage you are now in your journey, I'm hoping for your continued positivity and acceptance. Mabuhay ka!

    Gosh, I miss going on solo travels! Medyo di lang feasible lately kasi malayu-layo pa ako in my path to financial freedom haha! Awww Gucci boy looks so cuuute! My condolences.

    I have pictorial ideas din for my blog, but I'm still yet to execute them. My girlfriends and I are uber busy! Kalurkey.

    Keep those blog posts coming! I'll be back to visit. ;)

    1. Oh thanks for dropping by my blog :) I started to post actively just recently, for now its like an anything goes blog :) but maybe I'll post more outfit entries soon.. I used to just dress up kasi just to feel good so posting photos didn't really came to mind.. except na lang when friends and I play dress up :) so go! makeover and pictorial session with your girlfriends would be really fun!

      I am in the opening my heart again part of the journey.. haha.. there are just some more things I wish i could do before the real one comes along.. You are lucky to have an open-minded partner.. but I guess he's just as lucky for having you :)

  2. I've been blogging about my kakikayan (actually, too casual compared to other plus size bloggers) for just over a year. Buti na lang I'm this big camwhore so almost all of my kaartehan was documented in photos haha.

    I suggest to take it slow. Darating din tayo sa healing part. Prayers and virtual hugs for you! <3