15.15.15 challenge: Oct.20 - East Coast Park

11:21 AM

Went to East Coast Park for the 3rd time.. but.. this is the very 1st time I went there just because..

my 1st time was during Christian or Aileen's bday.. and its already evening when we arrived.. I didn't get to appreciate the place that much..

my 2nd time was during the last day of my ex-colleague Ryan.. we went there for a long lunch.. at a Kebab restau.. but again, we didn't have the time to explore and see the long stretch of East Coast beach..

and this time, for the 3rd time, with a purpose of viewing and booking barbeque pits, chalets or tables for my sister and I's party on Saturday..

No luck.. all bbq pits are booked.. like it says online.. chalets are very expensive because they are on an overnight rate.. and there are plenty of tables and gazebo to squat on for free hehe.. gotta be early on Saturday.. tables are on first come, first serve basis..

Anyway, this was the first time I rode a tandem bicycle.. first time I rode a bicycle in public / park.. first time i explored East Coast Park from end to end.. an hour of biking.. great surroundings.. biking feels great.. i know now how to ride a bike! yeah it feels great..

my sis and  I took turns on who'll ride in front.. first trials with me in front.. fail!!! 1. we would zigzag.. 2. i almost hit someone jogging.. 3. we hit a bush haha.. 4. finally a success!! ill probably shoot a video of myself riding a bike alone this coming Saturday..

from the taxi stand we rented a bike.. good thing cause the chalet is like 15-20 minute walk.. biking saved time! 

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