15.15.15 challenge: Oct.16 - iLight Marina Bay

11:38 AM

instead of going to Zouk, us as Singapore travel consultant of our friends and relatives from Manila, just decided to go to Marina Bay.. and stay there.. after all, a tour in Singapore can't be complete without having a photo with the Merlion.. leave out Zouk but not Merlion.. and we thought we're lucky enough that we would see the iLight Marina Bay and the light art installations running from Oct.15 - Nov.7.. so its something new..

so we headed to the Marina Bay mainly to tour Vishnu's cousin Marice and her friends (Joanne and Vince)

Merlion, Esplanade and Makansutra
There's nothing so special about the iLight Marina Bay.. to be honest, I was disappointed... maybe I missed the light show whatever at 8PM? There should be 25 light art installations.. but from those ive seen from Art 8 - 18? only the 18th - the Wattfish amazed me :( id prefer Orchard's Xmas and Little India's Deepavali installations over this one..

though I still took a few photos of the worthy art installations i found along the way..

and our night ended with a stroll along the Helix, the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes and Hotel Lobby..

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