Birthday and Christmas Wishlist 2010

1:24 PM

i know i'm too old for wishlists.. so i'll start of with.. World Peace.. LOL.. I just thought of putting this up for the benefit of my family and friends hehe so world peace, clean air, good health for the family, dream job isn't something they can provide in an instant..

This is also for my benefit.. checklist for me to always keep in mind these items I often forget.. I always look forward to Christmases and birthdays not only coz of the presents and partying with loved ones but because, its also a good excuse for me to give myself a present, hah!

I know that I’m a very difficult person to shop for when it comes to Christmases and birthdays, so this would  help in their selection.. I would appreciate other gifts too.. of course... these are just things I often look at online, or while window shopping, but I always end up not buying for reasons that im such a stingy and indecisive person haha.. so not in order of preference..

1. Skechers Tone-Ups / Fit Flop (Brown, Black or Red) - because i love walking..

2. Havaianas Filipinas Collection (Blue and Red) -- oh yeah i still have the Proud to be Pinoy blood rush

3. DKNY Be Delicious - simply coz i wanna smell delicious haha.. the green and pink suits me well i guess.. i wanna grow up from the usual VS scents..
4. Camilla Morton books (How to Walk in High Heels, A Year in High Heels, Girl for All Seasons) - i lost the first one in a cab.. given to me by my cousin for my debut.. i haven't finished reading it then..
5. Jessica Mclintock perfume (im so curious coz of Vishnu's raves and I would love to have a scent not so common to most women)
6. Narciso Rodriquez perfume - coz ive been hooked since I first smelled it on someone, read online reviews and smelled it again at Paragon.. they were on a promotion then but I still cant buy coz I still have 4 bottles of VS to finish and i cant give away..
7. Viva La Juicy - would love to see it on my dresser along with other perfumes.. love the bottle! hehe
8. Why Men Love Bitches - curious.. great reviews.. i wont pass for a bitch but it just might teach me how to be one..
9. Black Wrap Shawl Blouse from This Fashion i just saw last weekend - its soo elegant.. even while wearing jeans.. same cut as in the picture but its not the one.. i saw Bianca Gonzales wearing something similar in SNN few nights ago..
10. Spare Battery for my Sony TX7 - on tours and travels, my cam only last for 3/4 of the day.. sad :(
11. Apple Earbud Earphones - that's if, I get to keep my Iphone..
12. Belle de Jour 2011 planner!! - but it will only be launched in Phils on the 24th.. so this just might be my Christmas gift to self..

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