15 days, 15 places, 15 new experiences, 1 country..

11:55 PM

15.15.15 challenge..
Whoever said Singapore was so small you could finish your tour in four days was totally wrong!

Two and a half years in Singapore and yet I'm unable to roam around, visit and enjoy other places aside from the usual Marina Bay, City Hall, Sentosa, Orchard Road (for shopping and with Lucky Plaza for my remittances and cravings for Filipino food) and Shenton Way (where my office is located).. so where did my weekends go??

there were plans with Gracie, a friend from high school to go to all the malls connected to the MRTs once every month but never materialized.. well once?? not so sure..

there were plans with housemates to go to Family and Adventure places all around Singapore, but we never dared again after that traumatic 5-hr trail trip in Macritchie Reservoir.. Don't get me wrong, it is a good place and I'm still planning to go back and finish the entire trail and see the suspension bridge.. But imagine this scenario of me and my housemates:: Rudney in Burberry bag and sneakers, Ruben in Gucci bag, Mark in a new Zara slippers that's guaranteed to give him paltos, Vishnu? I cant recall his struggle, and me with 1 liter water bottle to save the designer wearing housemates of mine from collapsing haha.. it would've been fun.. if only we were more prepared.. and if perhaps we were more adventure seeking and sport minded?

ok so since freedom from work is official today.. and I have exactly 15 days before flying again to Manila.. and I missed my 10.10.10 challenge (10 hours, 10 different things, 10 different places) Now, I'm challenging myself to go to 15 interesting places in Singapore, which usual tourists may not have been yet, but someone who worked and lived here should've explored and known by heart.. (I've been to some of these places but never had time to explore)

targets in my list..
1. Chinese Garden
2. Jurong East Swimming Complex
3. Wild Wild Wet and Escape theme Park
4. Henderson Waves
5. Mount Faber
6. Macritchie Suspension Bridge
7. Haji Lane in the afternoon
8. Boat Quay
9. Marina Barrage
10. Changi beach / Pulau Ubin
11. either a mass at Cathedral of Good Shepherd or attend a Tagalog mass in SG
12. an evening at Zouk or Stereolab
13. Deepavali light up in Little India
14. Holland Village
15. anything goes..

so who's with me.. raise your hand?? hehe.. well i know it would be safe to do all this things alone in singapore.. and it would be nice to explore alone, but if someone could accompany, better right? and what else could you recommend apart from those above??

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