15-15-15 challenge: Oct.13 - Mount Faber Park, Henderson Waves, Vivo City

1:10 PM

We woke up late because of last night's Facebook Texas Poker marathon.. so instead of going to Chinese Garden, I've just decided we head to Mount Faber..

Funny because the uncle (taxi driver) who drove us up to Mount Faber thought we were tourists.. telling us as we approach the destination to ride the cable car to Sentosa, watch Songs of the Sea and before we alight he said, "Welcome to Singapore!! Enjoy Singapore" hindi nako ngsalita.. since ngfifeeling tourist naman ako for this 15day challenge.. heeeheee..

Anyway, we reached there around 5:30PM.. good thing Singapore's sunset is late - around 730PM as compared to 6PM in the Philippines  - so we had more time to walk around.. 

We missed the 1st stop which is the view of Marina :( as the uncle drove us straight to the cable car station and it was late when I realized that was the spot.. Anyway, it was glad to see the cable cars in operation again with cabins looking better and very new and elegant.. I have no idea why they stopped it for about a year, maybe for renovation? But to be honest, I never tried going to Sentosa via cable car, its so expensive 24SGD oneway and 26SGD two-way.. id rather blow that amount for a Singapore Flyer experience, which by the way, I still haven't tried.. uh.. stingy me!

Moving on, we headed straight to the walking trail and explored the rest of the park. The park offers magnificent views of the city. From the colorful HDB houses near Telok Blangah to the tall office buildings of the CBD. Its a first for me to see this view of Singapore.. Colorful and vibrant..

I didn't dare go deeper to the forest walks because I'm kind of scared it'll get dark and we're still along the forest walk. So we intentionally just took the easier path that goes straight to the famous Henderson Waves. It is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It looks very pleasing and unique because of its wave form and curves that also functions as shelters and viewing seats. Steel outer ribs and wood in the inner ribs. The view is amazing as well from the top. 

Too bad We didnt manage to wait till the lights open.. so we missed this breath taking scene ='(

Generally, Mount Faber park is very ideal for walking and running enthusiasts, photography buffs, nature lovers, families and friends. Its worth a weekend visit :) I could recommend it to tourists as well since the walk won't take so long. My sis and I just spent about 2 hrs.

We went to Vivo City afterwards. Budget damaged once again.. We went to Daiso.. where everything is 2SGD and its so impossible to leave without not finding something to buy.. so i got art papers, decorative scissors (for a Thailand travel scrapbooking project) and i also bought 2 leis.. for myself and my sister.. for our beach party.. then off to Royal Sporting House to look for a basketball.. then off to Forever 21 and didn't walk away empty handed.. i got a Blue Asymmetric one shoulder top.. and satisfied my sweet tooth craving and felt like a kid again picking out candies from Candy Empire... Lovely, tiring day!!

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