15.15.15 challenge: Oct.14 - Orchard Road mall hopping (reviews and comparison with Philippine malls)

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In short, I wasn't able to go to new places in the last two days.. October 14 instead of me and Ate Ai going to Chinese Garden and Jurong swimming complex, we had to change plans because Kuya Rudz asked to wait for them as they want to join in that trip too and we needed to buy gifts for Tita Amy and Moses. We got Tita Amy a pair of elegant earrings from Swarovski.. and I got Moses a perfume.. Unforgivable by Sean John.. oh so clean yet masculine scent for a man..

Its the usual Orchard Road scheming from Tangs, Lucky Plaza, Ion, Wisma, Wheelock and Takashimaya. But its still fun being back in Orchard Road after 2 months.. so I thought of comparing malls in the Philippines from SG malls..

Tangs = Rustans and Landmark
* Its the best department store in Singapore.. but it can't be compared to SM as there are more upscale brands - from cosmetic brands (Chanel, Clinique, Jurlique, Benefit) to clothing brands. Name a brand and more often than not, Tangs has it!

Ion = Greenbelt 5
from my very close friend Variane's SG business trip around February 2010
* Its my favorite mall in Orchard! though honestly I would frequent the stores in the basement, because its where the affordable brands are.. Mango, Rubi, New Look, Uniqlo, Bershka, Accessorize, Topshop/Topman.. The look of the floors at the basement is all different from the other four floors above.. the upper floors are of course very classy which leads to the next point..
* It houses so far the largest Louis Vuitton in Asia, largest Sephora in Singapore, and huge brands such as Dior, Valentino, Prada, Miu Miu, to name a few.. 
* The ambiance between the two malls is different.. Ion is still more upscale and luxurious (from the hotel-like restrooms alone) but Greenbelt 5 is the closest to Ion because of the brands it houses..
* Ion's design and architecture is very modern, especially the outdoor lighting and new media used.
* Fave Restau: Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
* Fave Store/s: New Look, Bysi, Rubi, Sephora and Uniqlo

Takashimaya = Glorietta / Greenbelt (general)
* Greenbelt will win by a mile over Takashimaya.. I love the Greenbelt's gasrdeny atmosphere.
* Anyway, I just happened to compare the two.. again because of the presence of upscale and almost the same brands.
* Takashimaya is somewhere in between upscale and midscale
* Favorite Restau: Seoul Garden, Basement food stalls selling Japanese noodles and Takoyaki
* Favorite Store/s: Hall at the Basement, where themed sales are held almost monthly.. Coach, Tiffany, 

Wisma Atria = Glorietta
* Because its where people usually pass by from Ion to Takashimaya, its often crowded. But it has great food (Food Republic) and store selections (Lacoste, Forever 21, Schu, Charles and Keith, Prettyfit, Bebe) that makes it not just another mall to pass through. Most of the crowd here are after-work, 20s,30s crowd..
* Favorite Restau and Store/s: already mentioned

Wheelock = Gateway
* The look, the store selection, and the number of crowd is very comparable to the ambiance that Gateway exudes.
* Fave Restau: Food stall actually, outdoor cafe-themed Dairy Queen
* Fave Store/s: Borders, New Urban Male, Bysi, is that Gramophone? Anyway, a store selling Apple products.

Lucky Plaza = Isetann Recto, Ever Gotesco

* it really looks the same.. but I can't remember an Orchard trip without dropping by Lucky Plaza.
* it is our usual meeting place on a Friday night.. its fun to hear Tagalog, drama stories from other Filipinos (in the form of eavesdropping haha!), and there are lots of foreigners and locals who pass by, u'll see different clothing styles, hairstyles.. so we feel like we're judging each one
* Its where we go to remit money to the Philippines, buy cheap branded perfumes, buy Filipino food (from Boy Bawang to Datu Puti and Likas Papaya hehe), satisfy our Filipino food cravings from the variety of Filipino restaus inside (Kabayan's maja blanca is the best!)
* it is the best taxi stand within Orchard road, it could be a long queue but you are guaranteed to get a cab within few minutes of standing. 
* I feel like every Filipino who visits SG must have a picture here and pay homage haha..
* Fave Store/s: Perfume store at the basement beside along the catwalk, 3rd floor a clothing store selling RTW goods beside Iremit
* Fave Restau: Kabayan, Jologs, Happy V, and there's one on the 3rd floor at the leftmost side of LP also selling CDs (wala xang name)

there are a lot more malls along Orchard Road, maybe I can review them next time..

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