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I first heard of this book from Spot.PH announcing with pride that international Publisher Marshall Cavendish has chosen .three Filipina writers to launch the Asia version of their runaway success chick lit in the US and UK called “Asia Chic” books.

The first selection of three ”Asian Chic” books are ”Undercover Tai Tai” by Maya Calica, “Amazing Grace” by Tara Sering and “Mrs-Mismarriage” by Noelle Chua. which were published as well in Malaysia and Singapore years back. Two of the three Filipina writers are Singapore-based. 
I am a fan of chiclit , chicflick and whatever chic you can imagine.. I felt like I would be able to relate to the stories and characters since it is written by Asian women, for Asian women, and set in familiar Asian places. So when I read about this I immediately went to bookstores in Singapore hoping to get one, but no success. 
After my Philippines vacation, I made sure I won't go back in SG without at least one and thanks to National Bookstore, I saw the three and chose Amazing Grace.. its a story I could mostly relate to I thought.

Amazing Grace

My REVIEW:: its very good!! its been a looong time since I finished reading a book within 1 day and a half and almost unable to put it down.. until this book.. it is just one of those interesting, addicting read..

Amazing Grace is the story of Grace Chua, a 26-year-old Filipina-Chinese single woman who has been egged on by her friends and family to find a man and settle down before her biological clock stops ticking. Grace realizes that, and she allows herself to be set up for blind dates. However, none of the guys were deemed worthy, until guy #7, her Valentine's Day date, Mike. She and Mike clicked, and after two years, he proposes to her. It would have been perfect if Mike hadn't gave her the next bit of news: he got a job in Singapore and will have to move there for two years for his contract.
Grace was determined to make the long distance relationship work -- after all, they were engaged, and there's no way she's letting go of that! -- but things become complicated when Mike seems to have less and less time for her, and he always seemed to mention a woman named Kaela in their conversations. Grace goes to Singapore on a weekend to surprise him, and finds herself in a race around three countries, all in an effort to get her man back. 

This is the first time i've read a story from second person Point of view which made it more likeable to me. Second person makes use of the pronoun "you", which effectively made me feel like i'm in Grace's place.

Grace's character was easy to relate and sympathize with.  It felt like her thoughts and feelings mirrored mine. Grace is not exactly a desperate woman, but there was something in her that made her want to save the relationship with Mike even if her sister says to let him go.

The book isn't all about love. I enjoyed how her character grew up, found herself and realized other highly important things in life.

There is also the element of travel, I love to travel a lot, and the places in HongKong, Bangkok and Singapore  mentioned were all familiar to me.

There were a lot of fun sequences in the story, from front to end. I can't help but laugh by myself while on the bus and on the park. 

Most of all, its not the common ending you'd find in chic lits :)

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