WAITING for God's BEST..

9:42 AM

Exactly a year ago, I almost cried while seated at a “40 days of Love” Christian sharing session with my officemates.. that week we our topic was forgiveness and healing and Waiting Patiently. We came to ask ourselves "What am I waiting for?" During that sharing, I said I was waiting for God's BEST :) though deep inside, I knew I wasn't really rushing and ready to meet God's BEST yet... I want HEALING... complete healing, close all wounds from the past and wake up one day without blame, regret, or hatred, just Pure Acceptance.. so that once I meet that person, I am complete once again.. and even better..

2 weeks ago, i was in Tagaytay with my two office best friends.. We got assigned to work there for a UNESCO Conference… Fortunately, the location is in front of the Tierra de Maria Chapel, the chapel with a big statue of Mary. They have a forgiveness and healing corner and I was drawn to it. I walked out of the chapel feeling renewed, light and happy.
March 1 marked the best day of the year by far… I never felt so much at ease since that day… 1. the sense of happiness after the Tierra de Maria visit 2. the breeze and the silent moment at DAP made my work spirits high once again 3. been to a point at Tagaytay where I could get the closest and best view of Taal Volcano I almost want to shout and it encouraged me to loosen up 4. the rainbow on our ride back to DAP after the ocular is like a sign that everything will be ok…

Since that day I felt how emotionally ready I am to take the next step... getting ready to meet God's best :)

Sad to say that some people rush into the whole relationship thing… They are just so caught up with the “loneliness” that they feel that having a special someone will turn things around for them. You don't go into a relationship just because that person is available, so you could have someone to go to movies with, cuddle on rainy days with, its a benefit of being in a relationship but i believe it shouldn't be the reason you would rush into one.

Since I went back to being single I knew I only have these three initial requirements:
1.       He must treat me like a princess even before the relationship,
2.       He must be caring for his family, like how I and
3.       He must be open about working or living abroad

I would always joke about this… “he must have a car, broad shoulders for leaning and great arms for hugging” 

I promised myself not to rush and wait patiently until someone comes along with the three requirements.

Never stopping, I was always searching for that perfect love the kind that girls like me dream of – You give Good Love, Whitney Houston

Waiting doesn’t mean you have to play around with other people’s hearts because the right one hasn’t come around yet; it also doesn’t mean you have to sit your ass down the entire time before your lover finds you. Waiting actually means WORKING ON YOURSELF WHILE ENJOYING -quoted from Danah of Plumpinay

Also, I have yet so many things to work on myself-- like skills to develop, responsibilities to focus on--that I can honestly say having a special someone may distract me even more as I face these challenges and goals.

I won’t lie and say I never think of the man whom I will submit my whole heart to because I do... Almost everyday. But what makes me strive to wait and work on myself more now is the fact that I will be able to tell him how much he’s worth it (all the patience and seasonal emo-ness). How there were days when I wanted to give up and just settle for the good, but he made me want God’s BEST. How I wanted to compromise but the hope of him made me stick to my standards. How the very thought of him made me smile. How I prepared myself for him, and even practiced how to be a wife for him. How I dream of seeing him smile as I walk across the isle towards the altar. How I dream of dancing with him under the stars / fireworks.

With all these things to look forward to, I can't help but wait. :)

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  1. you are so right aihz :) like what they say, u shud be happy by urself before u can even be happy with someone else :) hope to see u soon in sg!