What's Next? Pondering on Life's Values and Priorities

10:21 PM

Family, friends, career, health, faith, love, etc… Which among these things do you value in life? Your priorities will differ according to your age. Typically our value priorities evolve as we mature and as we go through different stages in our adult life.

At 18, I valued education and future growth. I persevered to be a well-rounded student before graduation... I made sure I had good grades back in my 3rd and 4th year and I participated well in thesis and business plans. On top of that, I took OJT, I took responsibility in different organizations, I served the community through outreach programs... I feel like I was at my best… I made sure I had a good background to be able to find a good employment after college.

At age 20, I valued family and chose to follow my brothers in Singapore… It was a risk to resign at my first job. Yes there was a job offer waiting which I wasn’t sure I was going to take. Yet I knew in my heart I still had to look for other opportunities. All I know is that I wanted to be with my brothers again, please them and give back because they funded my education and follow their advice because they know for sure what’s best for me..

At age 21, I valued money… I worked hard for the money… to enable me to buy things I never got to have… travel to places I thought I can only see in photos... contribute to my family… fuel my future… all those achievements powered my confidence… but it was never enough to keep me happy… happiness was superficial… I only found happiness every travel and every pay day…

At age 22, I valued love... like an old boat, I only saw the part above the water and I thought it looked great and I thought it would remain that way if only I can keep on repainting it every trimester… I never knew the bottom was deteriorating, getting rusty on some parts, chunks of wood weakened and started chipping off… and then I rocked it, and the cold water crept in… I kept it from sinking but it was too late... I drowned with it and nothing else to hold on but my faith…

At age 23, I valued healing and independence, I went through life each day without a plan, I’m simply going with the flow…

Now at age 24, I long and pray for redirection and guidance… there’s so much I want to do in my life… yet I do not know how to start and when is the best time for it… do I choose to value my Health, my Family and Finances? Or do I value career, work satisfaction and personal growth?

When you are in your early 20s, there’s always just too much to ponder on..

Meanwhile i found this interesting site http://www.whatsnext.com/content/life-values-self-assessment-test 

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