Strangers Again..

1:36 PM

Shared this video on my Facebook wall earlier.. Great storyline, the stages were well thought out, reality was well presented.

The tears that we both wasted, the overwhelming emotions that we both don't know what to do with... From strangers to friends, from friends to best friends, from best friends to Inseparable and from lovers to... strangers again...

stage 1: meeting

stage 2: the chase
stage 3: honeymoon
stage 4: comfortable.
stage 5: tolerance

stage 6: downhill
stage 7: breaking up

There ARE ways to NOT end up in the end stages. It is NOT inevitable... just common.

Stage 4 and 6 are the ones i hate the most.. 
"one stops pursuing the other.. and just stops making the other feel special" 

This part broke my heart: 
when he was imagining what it would've been like if he ran up to her and apologized. But in reality, he didn't apologize and let her go, which made the relationship fall apart completely.

This last part as the guy delivered it, almost crack me to tears completely:
"i think that if life separates us, and we end up in totally different places, ill always remember when our paths aligned for this period of time and ill be thankful for that, and hope that wherever you are, youll be thankful too. and i think thats the best we can wish for."   -  

People come and go in our lives... don't regret what happened.. the best thing is that you surely learned something from it and that you became a better person. God allowed it to happen for a purpose :)

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