Makeup Weekends: Makeup does Wonders..

11:56 AM

so i was reorganizing some stuff.. and i saw my 88 palette eyeshadow from Coastal Scents which was left untouched for a year now.. and yes i decided to greet Easter with kaartehan haha and gathered my nieces for a makeup bonding.. i saw the delight on my nieces eyes as a somewhat laptop looking case turned out to be... eyeshadows! :) that's my reaction too when i first bought it.. 
then lightbulb moment! I'm gonna put this to good use, i can't let it just expire..  I really wanted to learn makeup beyond the usual day look.. i want to have something im really good at.. i want to be able to do makeup for myself or for friends in need someday on special occasions.. i want to do makeup for models on their photoshoots.. i want to experiment and find an outlet for my creative juices naks! i used to play with makeup back in SG during the first month i bought this palette.. i paused and i cant remember why.. 

Though i've practiced na before.. and i can confidently do makeup for myself, pamangkins and titas, i still have a lot to learn..  By the way the photos are a product of this afternoon's boredom and lighbulb moment and months with no practice.. hehe pangit ng pagkablend ng eyeshadow.. (i used blue, purple and silver)  i loved my brows, lips, eyeliner and nose here though..
Though I have tools to use, up to know, I am still clueless about how to use my 12-piece brush set and i feel like i'm not making the most out of my makeup stash? im not the type who goes out with full makeup on, im the eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss kind of girl lng naman kasi.. but I want to learn makeup talaga on my own muna.. 
Since i can't afford a full-time course at a beauty school yet, i promise to spend the next weekends watching videos of YouTube makeup gurus..
3 years from now, im planning to take classes na and i will be a professional makeup artist.. naks! i'll  I know classes are important tlaga.. besides new skills, experience, and credentials, makeup classes also provides connections in the industry.
I'm passionate about makeup coz I've seen myself and other people transform a coz of makeup.. Makeup is powerful and it does wonders.. a simple sweep of lipstick and eyeliner can instantly make u look polished.. a woman's beauty gets highlighted even more.. and it gives people new hope, new confidence whenever they see themselves dolled up..
I want to be that person who makes that difference to other people someday..

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