Gusto ko lang magBlog ulit.. 1st Trimester of 2011..

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antagal ko ding nanahimik.. itinago sa mundo ang pinagdaanang pait.. naks! yuck cheesy!

I wasn't so diligent to write things down m Belle de Jour Planner.. boo.. every year nlng.. but I just want to look back on things that happened in Q1 2011 while I was away from the blogging world..

Let's fast forward.. can I? maybe i don't want to talk much about 2010 anymore.. as it ended kinda sour.. 
2011 didn't greet me so well either.. 

3 things happened in January all in one week, 

* My brothers all went back to Singapore after the holidays
* I left the condo for good.. I kissed independence goodbye.. and dwelled back in Taytay.. (not my choice, but my dad and eldest brother's mandate)
* i started working for JobStreet
the month actually made me feel sad because i felt dragged back to the past, 3 years ago when I had to follow them in SG instead of staying in Taytay, only this time I decided to stay and no words could make me go back in SG.. sad because I wasn't able to get my family's trust to try things out on my own (such as chores) and live independently.. 
only one thing kept me optimistic.. my career.. I was looking forward to a fresh start.. meet new people, cultivate friendships, experience new things, see if this could finally be the company I'll be growing my career with..

- i lost my camera in Cagayan de Oro..

- i haven't met with any group of friends since September, except for Variane and Donna?
- SG peeps keep coming home..
- Bea's my eldest niece on her prom
a very emotional month it was.. i lost one of my precious possessions.. my red TX10 camera.. and i was alone in a new place.. i felt so vulnerable.. all the character and strength i thought i saved and possessed was enough, wasn't at all pla.. na parang i need someone else by my side.. i need others to depend on.. i can't be all alone.. then came Valentines.. and i've always dreamt of sweet Valentines since I was a kid.. and i felt sappy coz i've never felt candied on Valentines yet!
i remained positive coz of the surprise visits from family in SG.. coz of my Ate who's been so easy to drag to places.. coz of the manicures, pedicures, massages, desserts.. ahhh.. indulgence! yes!

* Events! Events! Events! at work
* earthquake and tsunami scares!
* my ate left for Singapore.. and im all by myself in Taytay at my brother's house
* 2bros and Dad's bday.. Bea's grad..

* going out with officemates to party.. ala-VIP in Opus and Fever!!! :)
* start of Lent and no-rice sacrifice/diet!

things from the past just started not to matter anymore.. my eyes are all set at work and my goals for JS Overseas (naks!), excited for Bora on May, experiencing new things, and living life to the fullest.. i am on the peak of optimism and although there's nega everywhere, i can always look at things in a positive light! I've been focused on family more than ever..

* content with my job.. cascade of my 2011 marketing strategies and programs! im learning a lot and im surrounded by great colleagues..

* almost Easter and completion of my 40 day war with rice!
* April goal - Beat the Clock! << 5 days nlng! eyes all set on the goal!

I am a happy worker! I dont have to drag my butt to work.. I'm excited as i get approval to pursue my plans for 2011.. I am excited to implement new things.. i am hopeful that things will turn out great..
i still haven't gone out with friends except for few dinners with Vaf or Dons or when Vish is home but i've started going out a lot with friends at work.. Lunch buddies, Ice cream buddies and Banchetto buddies.. they were the coolest bunch of people.. they were like my family already.. they were instant mood lifters.. i even smile to myself on my ride home as i recall our jokes.. i guess this is the first time i didn't held back on my personality.. i was able to share things, thoughts and my stories to them.. its just amazing.. 

T1 proved one thing.. you get by when you are surrounded with loads of work! hehe.. and great company :)

im not sure at what stage I am right now.. but I am at a point where things are light and i just want to take things easy and maybe i just want to stay at this stage for now.. it may not be perfect.. but things just all feel worth it.. i now understand things and i dont feel any regrets at all at this moment..

Apir T1!! you helped me grow.. and i proved just how matured i've become..

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