Have you experimented lately?

10:30 PM

I got intrigued by Ion' Orchard's FB post on makeup "Have you experimented lately?"

Though it would be a tutorial but it just happened to be a couple of eye makeup pegs.

Since I don't have anything going on on a Friday night and while my brothers are busy with their friends downstairs, I figured its been a long while since I played "Makeup Weekends".

I pulled out my almost dusty, rarely-used Coastal Scents 88-palette eyeshadow kit and started getting inspirations from Youtube and Pinterest

Since I was in my pink pambahay sando :) my peg was ta-dah! . a Smokey Pink Date inspired makeup.. its not for daytime wear but light enough for evening wear..

To be fair, I thought my makeup skills have already rotten, but I surprised myself too! Wish I was able to take a before pic but I got too excited to start my experiment.. I am a firm believer that makeup really does wonders and a before photo could've been another proof F.Y.I. I just recovered from flu this morning.. Who would know right? *wink*

I've been putting off learning and taking Advanced Makeup Classes. I've always wanted to be a good makeup artist. Do makeovers for friends, beautify them during special events and in times of confidences crashes. I think I should commit to Weekend Makeup Experiments from now on and continued developing and learning techniques while saving for an actual class. If i pushed myself to start and commit to exercise and healthy eating, then i just might start and commit to improving this skill too :)
Eyes: Avon Mascara, Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner, Silkygirl Taupe eyeshadow (highlighter),   
Coastal Scents 88-palette: 
* Pink row - 2nd from the bottom (outer lid) and 2nd from the top (inner lid)
* Brown Row/Last row - 2nd from the bottom for the (crease)

Sephora Lip Liner 04, lip shine from an organic stall in SMX
Face: Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation, Mineral Blush: Adobe, Flirt
What completes the look? I don't wear makeup daily but on non-makeup days? I wear a smile everyday. and I'll also quote Beverly Engel, author of The Nice Girl Syndrome, "Confident people hold themselves differently: They stand up straighter, smile more, and actually look brighter and happier. Those traits make you look confident, so people who don’t even know you assume good things about you.”

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