Venus Run 2013: Conquering my Marathon Inhibitions for the 1st Time

11:16 PM

As with many people, part of my New Year's resolutions is to be more healthy, get active and finally achieve a normal BMI this year. Funny though that I only started doing a 2013 bucket list during the Chinese New Year break, a month after year 2013 started :) And yes, part of that bucket list was to complete a 5km and a 10km marathon this year. Yes, emphasis on complete, not compete :)

It was on that Chinese New Year weekend when my friend Laurice and I started searching for a 5km runs in Singapore that would be somehow budget friendly.

What convinced us for the Venus Run were: length of 5km which is good for us beginners, its an all-women run in celebration of International Women's Day, and the shirt's color and nice message. Its somehow close to one of my mantras: "Dont let anyone dull your sparkle!"

Venus Run runner shirt

Inhibition No. 1: My weight and previous injuries.

miracle isnt that i finished race the miracle is that i had the courage to start
This photo from a Facebook group called Running Addiction really inspired me

Reading horror stories of fit people passing out during marathons, I'm thinking with my weight, it sure is a higher risk. But enough preparation and healthy eating should be the key.

Add to that, I have weak knees and previous ankle injury. Because of this, I have always preferred dancing indoors versus running outdoors. 

Honestly, I also doubted myself 3 days before Venus Run. For the entire 16 days of preparation, I also had ups and downs, I had a runner's knee and during one of my morning runs, I tipped at the sidewalk and slightly twisted my left ankle (the same one I fractured four years ago). 

I thought finishing the entire 5km would be impossible for me and I thought of just walking the entire 5km if things don't go well. I also had to refrain from wearing my favorite heels to avoid further injuries.

Inhibition No. 2: I am not a runner. Would I be able to finish?
I haven't had any long distance run before, I don’t know what my stamina will be like by then. Before signing up for Venus Run, my RunKeeper app history shows my maximum capacity is at 3.5km :) 

I am thankful that Singapore is also very runner friendly. My neighbourhood also reminds me of UP :)
There are side walks, nearby parks and you will see people on their fitness gears at any time of the day

My neighbourhood in Serangoon. Our view from the balcony. Park, sidewalks and trees.
Location has always clouded me with reasons why I don't like running. In the Philippines there are only few encouraging running locations, unless you are living in a condo or signed up for a gym membership. You have to commute to UP Sunken garden or The Fort or Ayala Triangle or Ultra. Those locations were highly inaccessible from my home and work place unless its weekend.

Inhibition No. 3: I am not a morning person.

I stay up late most of the time and preferred running in the afternoon. But I knew I had to condition myself and tried to do morning runs at least 3x a week.

It felt good to accomplish something even before most people start their day. And as cheesy as it may sound, I also felt one with nature. I noticed more types of birds in the morning than in the afternoon and its nice to get natural Vitamin D once in a while :) I noticed where the sun was rising. The morning sun is really gorgeous and the morning air feels cool against the skin. 

Honestly the excitement made me toss and turn the night before Venus Run. I didn't get quality sleep but the excitement and a friend waiting for me made me jump out of bed 1 minute prior to the alarm :)

Inhibition No. 4: Ugly running outfit / sweat face :) 
Forgive me for being so vain but I really feel hideous in workout clothes. I feel so trying hard to pull it off but heck! yeah Im trying hard to gain my health!

And I'm not like others who still looks fresh even as sweat drips all over their bodies. I look really eeewww! but who cares?

When I think like this, these two photos are funny yet encouraging:

It was really mind over matter days and hours before the run.

But I am glad I did the first step of signing up and having the courage to participate in such event.

I'm waiting for the official results to be posted before I write about my complete Venus Run Experience.

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