A Year Without Blogging

3:52 AM

I can't believe its been more than a year since my last blog post. 2013 has been very fast and a challenging one indeed..

Well, this entry isn't gonna be a super late year-ender blog. I just realised Easter is fast approaching anyway, so allow me to signify a new beginning and reset :)

I've been on hiatus for quite a while. Work has been very demanding and let's say I've battled emotional and esteem issues. I can say my work also involves writing content, writing HTML codes and website programming and by the time I reach home, which is quite late, I prefer not to touch my laptop or smartphone anymore. Blogging suddenly started to feel like an extension of work.

I had my fair share of challenges for 2013, but not to say it was that bad.
1st. I found a fulltime job again in Singapore, yes I was referring to the one above and yes I am thankful overall.
2nd. Travelwise I managed to step outside Asia's borders and had a glimpse of Australia. For the first time as well, I had the chance to travel with friends to Seoul, South Korea and the approval of my US Visa.
3rd. Met new people and new friends, won contests and seen my 1st niece celebrate her 18th birthday.

2013 was good for me in general but it wasn't so for some people closest to me.

Before the hiatus, I also started to feel obliged to push content. I have these tendencies to seek attention hehe and I admit that, I placed too much emphasis on on pushing commercial content that will bring people in my blog and drive readership. Although the topics I posted  covered my interest, I wasn't blogging for fun and for myself anymore. When I realized that, I had to stop.

Enough with the blah blahs.. 2014 is an even challenging year yet paves way to self discovery. Quarter 1 just passed and all I can say is, its pushing me to grow up, face adulthood and responsibilities. Aja!

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