Rachel K Mineral Color CC Cream Blemish Balm

9:10 AM

I didn't really go Gaga for the BB Creams as most of what I've tried seems to be too white for me. I would have to mix it with a foundation or put some blush all over my face :) CC Creams are said to be "enhanced" version of the popular BB (Blemish Balm) Cream. Whether it is gimmick or not, I loved that CC creams do not require 'color matching', which solves my BB cream dilemma.

Few weeks back, I posted a review on Chanel CC Cream. Since I wasn't very much happy about it, and there are only few options of CC Creams in the market, I've decided to search for other brands carrying CC creams.

Lucky enough, CC Cream was made popular by Rachel K, which happens to be a Singapore brand so I didn't have a very hard time finding one. Although it is available in selected Watsons stores, it is still very affordable at SGD 29.90.

Swatch. Rachel K CC Cream is available in Neutral and Classic (Original). The Classic which has a black packaging seems too light for me so I opted for the Neutral which is in pink packaging. 

Consistency. The consistency is a lot like tinted moisturizers. Not too thick and not too watery. It is easy to blend and apply on the skin.

Finish. It gives a matte finish, yet doesn't look and feel cakey. In initial application, it looks a bit light. After a minute, it starts to almost disappear and blend on my skin. I am also glad that even without the use of a primer, it didn't set on my pores. It did not leave white colored patches on my pores like most BBs do.

Coverage. Since its light as second skin, you know I put on something on my face but not too vulgar as that of a BB or foundation.

As you see, it didn't effectively conceal my blemishes. If you are blessed with a good skin, this is good to be worn as it is. Concealer may still be required for unlucky ones like me. But since I felt the color tone was enough, I didn't put an extra dab of pressed powder.

Day 1

Day 2

Oil Control. The weather was quite unpredictable so because of the change in temperature, it didn't really do well in the oil control department.

Smell. It has a nice after-bath scent which is good, not too overpowering.

Product info. In a limited market of CC Creams, Rachel K is "said to be" formulated with pure minerals, making it suitable for all skin types including highly sensitive ones as the mineral ingredients do not irritate or damage the skin.

Skin Sensitivity. I am prone to breakouts but since it's only been 2 days since I started using it, I don't see signs of new breakouts so far.

My friend has a sensitive skin. For some reason, when Face Shop BB Creams and Rachel K CC Creams was applied at the back of her hand, she immediately felt a tingling, itchy sensation and soon  turned red.

Verdict. I love this purchase! It seems I've finally found a product for everyday use. Although the lack of coverage kind of puts me off because I tend to be lazy to put on concealer :) I think I might give the Original Cream another try. It might be too light only on initial application but color might adapt after a while.

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