The Faces of Halloween: The Victorian Halloween Costume

11:11 AM

Happy Halloween! Although us here in Singapore could not have the long weekend that our friends from the Philippines will enjoy starting tomorrow, the Trick and Treat season is felt all over Social Media.

My friends and I already went partying last Saturday at Clarke Quay (see my previous post here if you are still in search of halloween costume ideas). I can't help myself from trying on the Victorian ball gown costume that my "mystery friend" wore.

Ever After has always been one of my favorite movies and I've always wondered how I'd look if I were born in the Victorian era. Off shoulders, low necklines, defined waists, tight corsets, bell-shaped skirts with layers of petticoats. The era imbued elegance and I can only think of very prim and proper women.

Here's a quick glimpse of me wearing The Victorian Ball Gown.. I really felt like a million bucks!
I.AM.The.Belle.of.the.Ball :)

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  1. Oh i envy you! i didn't get to party this Halloween due to work load. :( Look like a lovely princess here!

    1. awww too bad.. there's always next year :) or maybe a themed Christmas party..