The Faces of Halloween: The Performer (Vegas and Moulin Rouge Style)

4:10 AM

"I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad" and spend a day at Fabulous Las Vegas, catch Moulin Rouge, spend my money at the casino, travel to Macau and watch Cirque de Soleil, travel to Brazil and see the Mardi Gras fest.. oh the grandness, fabulosity and the spotlights are so surreal

Halloween is the perfect time and excuse to be someone you're not. I'm sorry but I'm putting the ghost costume away and not playing safe for the 1st time in my life :) I am a both a movie-lover, and I love performing.

I am going to a Halloween Party tonight and wearing this "call it Vegas, call it Moulin Rouge"-themed costume makes me feel closer to that dream..

Vegas Costume
Unleashing the alter ego haha..
Vegas Costume Vegas Costume

Glittery top, frou frou skirt, fishnets, beaded stiletto sandals, beaded neck and arm piece and the headdress to complete!

So.. if you'll just excuse me, my show is about to start! LOL..

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