Talk to my Red Pants

10:27 PM

This is one of those backtracking posts I'll be doing in the next few days.. These shots were taken along the streets of Bugis, while we were in search for Halloween costumes.. Bugis to City Hall area is among my favorite walking trails because the sights are a mix of Indian, Malay and Chinese influences. The structures of the buildings are a mix of old and new, traditional and modern.

I had little time to dress up that day so I just pulled whatever easy piece I can get. I figured I'd also be walking around and fit different clothes so I opted for something minimal. Wearing red pants as compared to the usual denim gives an added oomph to everyday wear. Don't you agree?

red pants H&M
this building is among my favorites, it reminds me of Gotham

red pants H&M
Red Pants from H&M, Black Top from Cotton On, Gucci Bag, Necklace from Bugis, Sandals from Greenhills

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  1. Love you outfit! I think red pants is a must have, color is just too chic to pair with. :)