November Lust-Haves

1:20 AM

1. The White Blazer

We've seen celebs don the "Must Have" White Blazer last Spring! Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Katie Holmes, etc. Admittedly, I do not have one yet :) I do have its black and blue counterparts though.

I hesitated back then because white blazers used to have a "Doctora" impression. I used to think it is too formal and too office wear. Not until seeing it on runways and blog posts, I realized it is very flexible and versatile: paired with skinny black pants and heels, worn over a dress, or layered with a casual shirt and jeans or shorts. The possibilities are endless.

cheap white blazer
Forever 21 Shawl Lapel Blazer in Ivory, 33USD

Forever 21 Cropped Racer Jacket in Cream 38 USD

2. Detachable Peplum

Peplum - A decorative overskirt. Perfect for accentuating small waists or creating a waist, perfect in putting volume on your hips, and can also hide your bulging tummy when you just had too much to eat. Let's just say, this trend is something I am sooo thankful for.

Instead of buying a lot of clothes with peplum details. Why not just a detachable peplum? So that it can be used as an accessory from one outfit to another :)

peplum miss sartorial
Miss Sartorial is selling these for Php 525 only! :)  It comes in black, gray, beige. It has 3 sizes S,M,L and the best paert is they do international delivery to Singapore! :)
Here are some photo samples from the blogs of Kryz Uy (Left) and Maggie Wilson (Right)
detachable peplum miss sartorial to peplum or not to peplum

There are also videos that teach how to DIY your detachable peplum.

Although the non-domesticated diva that I am, I'll obviously buy it instead.

3. Side Panel Dress

Besides peplum, this is side panel dresses are another figure-flattering trend. I feel that side panel dresses evolved from the color blocking trend. Side Panel dresses create an illusion of an hourglass figure. How clever!

red side panel dress

4. Beaded Detachable Collar
Most of my clothes don't have collars. If you knew me for a long time now I prefer V-necks or ruffled necklines. But there are such occasions I find myself looking for collared pieces. Here's one clever solution!

detachable collar beaded
Cotton 5 SGD... I do hope they haven't ran out of stock as these are on sale..

5. OPI Two-tone Chameleon Nail Polish 

I've spotted my colleague wearing this twice and I was amazed I couldn't help but ask her where she got it. Her nails keep changing from green to brown or violet depending on the light and the angle. She couldn't recall the name of the polish and the place where she bought it. All she clued me on was that its OPI. So after series of research..

its OPI Just Spotted the Lizard! from the Spiderman collection.

OPI Two-tone Chamelion Polish

What are the items in your November lust list? :)

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