Bedroom Interior Design: Paris-Inpired Room

12:19 PM

For days when I feel unmotivated, besides my family's future, I think of my condo bedroom renovation plans. Growing up, I always had to share a room with parents or siblings. So since my sister and I moved to our condo, I finally experienced having a room of my own. And I really want to customize it based on my personality and interests.

I have always wanted a Parisian-inspired room. All things French spells E-L-E-G-A-N-C-E- to me. Santorini and Paris will top my list of dream destinations, but I get more style inspiration from Paris.

I created a checklist so that I could easily refer to a single page whenever I decide to DIY this renovation project. Or its also for people like you, my could-be future interior designer, you might have some more ideas to spare.

Color Palette - Purple, black, white or cream and some damask details

An Eiffel tower - Should I be contented with a model display of the Eiffel tower or should I play with wall decals?


Wooden Letters - I am still thinking what words to arrange.. "Dream" or "believe" or "Achieve" I;ve seen it in many stores and rooms and I really wanted mine to be unique, a French translation of these words perhaps but not too long.. "j'adore",  "La vie est belle"


Sitting Nook - A small space where I could work, write or read, or watch movies in my laptop.

A Crochet ChairBoys Bedroom

This teenage girls room is filled with feminine patterns, in the fabric of the prettily covered office chair and the delicate wallpaper that backs the work zone and sleeping area.  Above 11 images via Rusu Ruslan
My bedroom only has this little space as well but i'm impressed at how they managed to do a lot with it

Lamp - I saw some mannequin accessory holders in Dapitan Arcade that were turned into lamps. It was really nice and chic. However, I can just opt for a black or white lamp that has a chandelier touch to it.

Mirror with Accessories Holder - I love items that multi-task and given the limited space I have and too much accessories hoarded over the year, I need something this versatile. Ideally it could be part of a built-in cabinet, depends on the cost though.

Wall Ledges and Frames Collage - I want a spot where I can place my collection of shot glasses, books, travel memorabilias, memorable photos, favorite quotes, family pictures, etc.


Vintage Postcard Luggage from Regalong Pambahay - These lunchbox inspired luggages looks so travel ready!

These are all I can think of for now. I can't wait to have my dream room completed in 2013! :)

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