Realizations: On Passions and Dreaming Big

4:38 AM

Some 2 years ago, I remember doing nail art and I even do it for my girl friend for some girl bonding during house parties. Nail prints weren't a craze back then. People will stick with the neutrals and french tips. Floral, striped, animal print, ombre that I used to do were considered crazy, unprofessional and not everyday nails.

Some years ago, I had bought a coastal scents 88 palette. While everyone is following the no-makeup look and sticking with the slightly stained cheeks and lips, I was doing smoky and artistic eyes that used to be reserved only for parties and night out on the town.

Some years ago, I was playing dress up at home. Taking too long in the mirror every Sunday nights to prepare my clothes for the week. I wasn't about blogging then. I simply want to dress up. Those were the days when plus-sized ladies were not admired, but looked down upon for being too courageous to wear clothes.

Seeing dedicated blogs nowadays similar to my above interests? I realized i haven't been stepping out of my shell. I realized I'm not looking out of the box enough. I just realized that I am passionate about a lot of things, if only I had kept some of them and had not sidetracked, I would've been more. I won't be hypocrite. Most of us have a lot of "If only's" at the back of our minds.

One of my my best friends made it to the contributing writers of my favorite fashion magazine. Of course I was happy for her! And yes, a bit jealous. While I've spent my entire college days buying the magazine, joining contests, interning and working for its sister company coz they didn't have job openings then, it only took her one week, one common friend, one email, and she got in.

I stop and console myself in thinking "maybe some people are just luckier." But that couldn't be fair to blame it all on luck! Maybe I'm not dreaming big enough and not making big enough and right steps to make it big.

Although I always stumble, the truth is, we make our own destiny and its never too late to start fulfilling whatever our desires and passion.

New Mantra: DREAM BIG and OWN IT!

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